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God I wish I lived in America or England the turkish currency is so low that with one dollar you can buy 5 bottles of water in turkey so if something is 4 dollars in turkey its 16 liras (turkish currency) but anyways I hope you that you will be very succesful old friend

ps: I will still try to give you new ideas as far as I can try (from people that can have the game)

your ideaman


um hi developer I have an issue it doesnt open the rar file it just shows an add then it shows and file investigator but hıow do I open it on mac

it is too slow even in the lowest quality the best frame rate is 4fps

thank you I love when people make very good games with so much potential and make it free those people have fulfilled the only thing you need to do in order to be happier and be a living thing: those people dont want money they just want the appreciation so thank you so much for being like this

its impossible to delete you butthole I dont need anyones permission to erase the game fix it immediatly

but it doesnt work for mac make 2 different download folders

is 64 bit faster and the problem also occured on me but in 32 bit its can only be maximum 4 fps I want it faster lowering the graphics even closing all the audio and all the video settings didnt work

Um I think the programmer is Turkish right Semih Parlayan and I am Turkish too so I guess this is a project made by friends from different countries yay

put the game on team greenlight and make it pay what you want plus in other countryies it would take 20 of their money unit to make 5 dollars and if you really want to pay just pay via pay what you want plus not most kids are allowed plus most people can do charity work with that

actually some ideas

-a storyboard might be nice (but its not timed or anything its kinda like a side quest maybe not like a must do to continue thing like if you want you can do this and learn about what happened that cause you to live on a raft and all that)

-like sometimes when you find islands some people will join you if you find something or help them like cure htem feed them give them water and all that

-some islands can be habited by either hostile or neutral or friendly or depending on your behavior natives and some islands ccould be inhabited and some could just host one person like the player stranded in an island

-other people on rafts just like the player stranded like a neighbor that may join you like join ships together

-you can attend those people with jobs but you should give them the appropiete tools like for example for the defending the shark task you should igive them a spear and for other jobs and all that

-there could be a civilization system like if you decide to live on an island with friendly natives if you be very nice to them they will choose you as their chief but that is a rather very far away thought to think

-metal upgradation

-other metals

-melting smelting blacksmithing and armormaking

-marriage like if you marry a chief's daughter or son then you will be the tribe's next queen/king

-taming animals

-range tools

-a blueprint collecting system like if you find a blueprint or a part of the blueprint of a musket on an island or underwater(add a diving option) then if you collect it or all the parts you will be able to craft that

-but basic items will be still already in your mind so you dont need to collect blueprnts of water purifiers or cooking stations and etc

-a sailing system either by sails or if you find the blueprintS of a motor

-other vehicles that could be used in islands

-cities like harbors and all that

-mythical creatures (you decide I want you to vote if you want or not )

-hostile sailors

-friendly sailors

-neutral sailors

-fishing nets

-crabs and crab nets


-fish growing place and crab growing place

-safety boats

-oxygen tubes

-googles for underwater vision

-to island boats these are used to go to an island they are small like safety boats you row them to the land

-fire mechanisms like you can scare some wild animals or use to hunt some wild animals

-and weather of course


-docking to another ship

-docks like you can either build a dock on an island or you can dock to an already built dock


(BTW if you see this line that means I am just noting and the ideas are above that line and below it is jsut notes)

well if I have have anymore ideas I will let you know if you want or you could tell me a topic and I will produce ideas about it

Hope you didnt get bored from my long list


Yusuf Eren Eroğlu

NO I AM AGAINST THAT please dont do that some people cant use money on games they are not allowed to and etc. and they cant play good games like this I dont think that will be fair to make the game priced it could be pay what you want and on steam greenlight but it should be free at all times because think about the people that likes this game but are not allowed to use money on things so dont be selfish yossi123 think about other people

um... will you also update the mac version of the game to v1.5 because I am playing on mac and I want to see every bit of beautiful work of yours anytime I see an update