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I didn't understand how to play the game... i did put some cannons on top but nothing.
Dont know what's the relation with the Theme.
I won't rate till i can play properly :) to protect of course
Did love the main menu.

There should be a button to begin spawning a wave of enemies. After each Tower Defense round you get a morality check where a dubious advisor comments on your conundrum (which is the - rather flawed- relation with the theme).

Are you on Mac by chance? Only the windows build has been properly tested. The UI might also have scaled weirdly if you're on very high or very low resolution, or perhaps an unusual aspect ratio - causing the button to go off screen.

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I have a very high resolution & Windows! I can only see the spawn wave button. 
If you made this in Unity, remember to check the different resolution sizes and for the UI select Scale With Screen Size! 

Wait you *do* see the button? Then what happens when you press it?
As I said, the UI should be scaling fine, but it hasn't been tested above 2k or outside 16:9 so I theorized the button might have gone off screen. (Obviously its scaling with screen size, but the anchor might have been wrong). But if you both can place towers, and spawn the wave of enemies, then I don't quite get what you mean by "but nothing"...

When i press the button, some pieces try to atk the castle but my cannons do nothing