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Hello PropfPille! We wanted to add the "EXTRA: 3 Hands" to the game and we approached this term by making a 3 player game. It was really difficult to test, I was asking my girlfriend to play with my every 5 minutes...but it was worth!
We thought that making two players push each other into traps or blocking some paths could give some extra fun into the game. 

We wanted the runners just to focus on survival/bothering other homeless, we implemented a "boost" for each player to give them some tools to beat other players.

We tried to push into the game different abilities for every character (instead of the common dash) but we were running out of time :(
Do you have something in your mind regarding the "interactive elements"?


Pushing an object out of the way to open up a different path, Consumable Items that give a speed boost, Maybe the runners could open the manholecovers themselves to hinder the other runner

Definitely great ideas! We really tried to push movable elements in the scope of the project but they ended up being bugged in some corner and players being tossed to the nether. The consumable items that you mentioned are already implemented as an extra health (you can use the boost button to speed up but the backfire is taking 1 point of damage).