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Thanks for playing and giving some detailed feedback! Don't worry, I can handle critics! 

  • That's because I used the default Input.GetButton("Horizontal") for movement, but I added a button called ("Door") so you could use either W or a button on a controller (yes, you can play the game with an Xbox controller). Didn't think about duplicating the input to detect the up arrow too. My bad.
  • I planned to add another level 1 scene where the intro was wayyyy shorter, but I ran out of time before I could add it.
  • With the tiny screen space I allocated for an entire level, I couldn't do a true maze. Didn't plan for it to be a lie from the narrator, but I guess it works XP
  • I thought since you've got a "I don't care about the narrator" ending if you don't listen to him on the first few levels in a row, you'd actually need to listen to him if you didn't go for that ending. My friend proposed to add the ability to go through the unskippable dialogue faster on a key hold, but of course, it was too late.
  • Wait... no sword attack animation? There is one. I saw someone stream my game on Twitch today and the sword was swinging.
  • Yeah, about that. I basically did all of the dialogue lines on the fly. Most of it makes total sense, but some may not (like that one)

Anyway, thanks for the detailed critics! Taking some notes here to not forget stuff next time!

  • I had the "I don't care about the narrator" ending. In fact, I think have to wait the end of narration start to feel akward after having it.
  • For a maze with tiny level, you can probably use a door system. But to fit with the game, I imagine finding the true path based on narrator, so many more work needed. Plus maybe changing your code on how level and door work.
  • Slime attack with sword animation. I didn't find how. do it our self.

Their is a way to go for the second door on the first level ?


Notes taken about that narrator stuff. Will take it into consideration if I make another game with something similar.

Actually, my door system should be A-OK to create a maze like that! Would create a massive chaos of scenes in my project files, but it's possible!

I don't think I quite understand the sword issue. Slimes' swords work, so you mean that you just can't attack with it? Have you tried pressing E with the sword in hand?

About that second door. It does absolutely nothing as of now. I had planned to add a whole other path with completely different endings in that second door, but as you may have guessed, I ran out of time.