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  • Have you played text adventures before?
  • Have you written a text adventure before (and when)?
  • Have you written a computer program before?

Hi, call me Soso o/ and I never played a text adventure before haha I know the genre and try to play sometimes but I never finish a game. Never written a text adventure. Never write a program before.

  • What kind of game are you working on? (if it's a unique concept, then best to keep this to yourself)
  • How many puzzles do you think it will be?
  • What kind of art do you plan to create?

About the game... lets keep the secret :3 I still thinking in everthing

  • Approximate Age / Country / Native Language (no exact information please)

21, Brazil, PT-BR ... So I'm sorry if my writing looks weird ><


Hi SoSo,

Welcome to the jam. As a non text adventurer and non coder, you are super welcome here, and I hope you develop a taste for playing and making this type of game.