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As always, the stylization of your games is fantastic. I also really love that you're always trying new ideas gameplay wise as well! Although I don't use them myself, I'm also glad to see accessibility options for those who need them! 

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to complete the game. I got a bit stuck at a certain point and I kind of lost interest when I wasn't progressing or seeing anything new. The trial and error with the tea making is a bit hard to get through. I like the concept that serving them different kinds of tea would make the characters react in different ways but the dialouge that results from this feels far too much the same at some points, especially given that there is a lot of repeating dialouge to get through given the premise of the game.

Hopefully that wasn't too harsh of feedback! :x I'll definitely try going back on my own time to try and complete the game. I really love your games and am always looking forward to seeing what you'll put out next! I made a video with my experiences. Keep up the great work!

if you haven't taken a look yet, the notes page on game gives hints about what needs to be done to proceed. 


I went back and managed to get to the end! What a cute ending! Also I feel really dumb since the solution was kinda obvious! I think my feedback is kinda invalid now bahaha. Thanks for the tip!

Whats the recipes for the last two notes?

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Spoilers below for last two notes of the game: (For others who might be reading this lol)

For the second to last note, I believe you have to NOT brew a second cup of tea for the adventurer, then serve Horns his favorite drink. For the last note, you have to put 3 tangy berries and serve that to the adventurer when you offer a second drink to him.