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said to my self - "i will try it another time.. another.." - but cant resist and after some time

"And so, he become King of the Sea" - \wide smile on my face\

Oh Gods! how you guys can be so Amazing?! .. this is insane..
i love your works guys - i truly love it
it so solid.. many cool mechanic.. dynamic music.. meta\context ui..

i feel like this game keep all i love from S\NES era

(and game like "Duck tales" or "Little Mermaid" - even "Zen Intergalactic ninja" ha ha)

ps. only small thing i miss is - some little funny Idle-animation from my character
like some joke move or emote to screen
(what you guys do - keep me thinking about my own game-dev experience)

Thanks! :) This made my day. :D