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Yeah, the connection to the theme isn't very strong. The lie was about the genre. The lie was that normal tower defence games are strategy games, but this game is a puzzle game. Perhaps it better fits into genre without mechanic. Glad you liked it!

I felt that your game has a lot of potential, are you going to keep working on the Suspects?

I'll try to rework it, make it bigger and easier to understand and publish on Play Market. I would like to add something like "free play" where you can choose number of suspects, number of facts they telling. Implementing a variety of categries such as "Name", "Car color", "Motive"etc.  would be great.Thanks for asking, and what will you do with your game? 

I will fix all of the known issues in the post-jam version and perhaps add a couple more levels. After that I might try the world from keyboard mechanic with different genres. However, I did find the keyboard format to be quite restricting. A game like Chicken Hike offers the developers and the gamers a lot more possibilities.