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I love this game with all the polish and love it has in it! The only thing I can really complain about is that the spikes should have some sort of "max randomness." I am just guessing here but from what it looks like the thing that determines weather a spike is on the left or the right is the proverbial "flip of a coin" which is fine I just found myself in a level where I was almost never in danger of a spike because they all spawned on the opposite wall. so some kind of system where if three spikes have spawned on the left wall then spawn a spike one the right wall would seem to help a lot!

other than that the game is awesome and gets all the mileage it can out of the idea

P.S (sorry for any spelling errors)

There actually is a limit to the number of times a spike can appear on the same wall in a row: it;'s two or three, depending on what part of the game you're at. You probably encountered some bug that prevented that from working properly. Oh well! Thank you for your praise, and for taking the time to play our game!