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The controls are not fantastic. They are sticky and floaty. The character has perfect air control, so if you stop going in a direction while airborne, he stops immediately. The jump is not modulable, so there's a standard height, which doesn't feel too great. Some collisions aren't detected correctly, like falling on the lamppost in the middle can be finicky.

The character auto-turns left, so whenever you press Ctrl to chuck coins they tend to go left. When on top of a ladder, pressing down doesn't scale down.

Some AI patrols, some AI is stationary. When you throw a coin to A, they go back to patrolling. B, they remain in the new position. This is terribly confusing, considering the two enemies look the same. I would have added a "go back to position" instruction to the B type.

I didn't know what Alt did, cause I went past the instructions too quickly because there was danger.

I barely ever used the hiding mechanic. I beat the game by falling down the first pit, then jumping on an enemy's head, riding him all the way to the ladder on the left.

Theme: The theme was missed in my opinion. The title and instructions are just a gimmick. The game is about not being caught, obviously. But the game isn't really a liar. The dev may be. :D

Highlight of the game for me was the music. Great job on that.

Hi !

Thank you for your in depth feedback! Very interesting and useful!

I didn't know you could beat the game so easily, I guess it lacks QA / betatesting.

Thank you for taking the time to make a precise comment!