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First jam here too, though I've dabbled a bit with game dev in the past. First project with Godot though, and really liking that engine (way more intuitive for me than other engines have been). I felt like 5 days would have been a better time limit, but I was still adding new things until the end (& quickly testing in case last minute changes broke it).

Mine is here if you want to check it out (requires a download, but available for multiple OS):

And I'll check out & rate yours

Rated! I haven't tried Godot but I've heard good things about it. I dabbled in UE4 a little but ended up coming back to Unity. It's just the one that ended up feeling intuitive to me. Five days would've been okay, but a week was nice as it allowed for some real-life stuff like my good friend's birthday dinner! I'm definitely not ready for a 2 day jam, haha.