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We weren't a huge fan of the theme, but we tried to incorporate it through the deception by enemies. But yeah, overall I'm pretty happy with how it turned out especially since it's my first time with using Godot.

Thanks for the comments! I'll add yours to my list to review.

The other primary developer, MrMandolino ( is from Italy, but I'm from the US. I let him know about your comment.

Did you submit the game as a project on your page? If so you should be able to edit it -> go to the Admins tab (under "More"), then add their username (I think it can be different from what their name was in the chat). They'll get a link to accept it, and then they can vote

I'll add yours to my list of games to try out (will do it in the next couple days). And here's mine

And I'll play/rate yours sometime today

See my comment here for a solution (my teammate confirmed he can vote):

I interpreted it as the game needed deceit in it, and since "The game is a" is a part of it, I took that to mean it should be the game and not the player doing the deceiving. But agreed that it felt like a bit of an odd theme wording.

First jam here too, though I've dabbled a bit with game dev in the past. First project with Godot though, and really liking that engine (way more intuitive for me than other engines have been). I felt like 5 days would have been a better time limit, but I was still adding new things until the end (& quickly testing in case last minute changes broke it).

Mine is here if you want to check it out (requires a download, but available for multiple OS):

And I'll check out & rate yours

I'm not sure if this resolves your issue, but if they submitted it by creating a project on their page, they can make you an Admin which shows both the uploader and all admins on the game page (see my game page as an example). If that doesn't resolve it then not sure.

First game jam and honestly I think 5 days would have been a better time limit than a full week. But 2-3 days wouldn't have been enough.

Game must be downloaded, but I have builds for Windows (tested), Mac (untested), and Linux (untested).

Note: Windows build is tested and works. Mac and Linux builds are untested (but if they work well let me know!)