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At this point I'm a little confused why do some of the players think that Yvonne even has a Bad Ending B. ^^; I'm wondering if it's somehow tied to the order of endings in the Ending Gallery, perhaps?

And yes, we're also planning to release the artbook in digital form. But for now, bringing the game over to Steam is our top priority. We'll be getting to work on the artbook afterwards. :)

I get it now XD I think its because I assumed that all five had four endings each so I know now the she doesn't. I'm assuming that not all characters will have a certian amount of bad endings, though now I'm having a hard figuring out if Apris has a true and normal ending... At any rate thanks for the help!

Ah, I see. :) Yes, the amount and type of endings are different for each character. So even with the End Gallery before you, some things can make you wonder and still turn out surprising, I guess. :)