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I liked the atmosphere of the game and the inventiveness of the game world, I really love world exploration games and this one has lots of imagination. It somewhat reminds me of Silent Hill 2 and some creepy pastas on the internet. The game mechanics are not very clear at all, at least for me. It is a game about dying until you find the correct path through trial and error? It is not clear enough how to survive or how to get ride of the monsters in the game, for example, whenever I pick up the typewriter a lot of monsters appear, and I irremediably die in their creepy hands. Is this the intended mechanics of the game or I am playing your game the wrong way?. Regards, keep up the Good work. 

Thank you so much for your insights!  The completed game will be more than 10x this size.  There’s a note near the hotel that kind of gives a hint that you are to collect items for each hotel room, perhaps I should make that clearer though.  I try to find a good balance between not telling the player what to do and not being too vague so perhaps I should make it clearer though.

Running away from the dead children is easier when you zig and zag and once you cross the bridge they burn up ala The Headless Horseman (:

Once you find each item (5 of them) then the next step will reveal itself but of course if you want any more hints feel free to hit me up!

And based off your feedback I will go in and add some clearer notes so it doesn’t get too frustrating.  Thank you for the feedback!!