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I don't understand I bought this game, yet my download page only shows 0.4 version!!! Now I am seeing I am expected to pay $10 more to get season 2! I really don't see the point of buying any more games on Itch!

Did you try looking up your old receipt with the download link?  That worked for me.  Alternatively, after clicking the "download now" button, at the bottom of the page is a hyperlink "I already paid for this..."  If you click that it will help you out.

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this game has no option to buy it, so you did not buy it.
what you did is get permission to download the advanced version in return for a minimum donation.
games on itch that you can buy, have a link described as "buy now", here's an example from a game that is available to purchase in advance

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this is what the Projekt Passion download page looks like, clearly states game is free, and offers some "minimum donation" versions for "download". doesn't say "buy" anywhere.
not sure if that's what the dev intended or not, but that is what will enforce if you dispute it.
gotta read stuff bro


You keep posting this and it's not correct. 

The first four chapters of the game are free (like a demo) but anything after that requires you to pay a fixed price of $10. That's a purchase.

In fact it's listed in my library as a purchase

"Thank you for purchasing Projekt: Passion by Classy_Lemon.

You purchased the game on 2023-08-07 01:00:21 for $10.00..."

Once you pay the $10 all versions of the game and future updates are available.

That's perfectly fine for Classy to do and I support him but it is a purchase. I'm not sure why you keep telling everyone it's not.

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it is correct. you typing out some gibberish you just made up does not in any way come close to being evidence of your imaginations, as opposed to the actual screenshots of the tranaction conditions which i have posted, and yes, i keep posting it, cos the morons who cant read just keep coming. a purchase is not mentioned anywhere in the entire transaction.


You are obviously a troll and a Dumbass. This is made up huh?


oh looky, they made a typo on their download page, which has nothing to do with a legally binding contract of sale.
you get access to the terms of sale BEFORE you purchase something dumbarse, not after