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Discord is a pain in the ass. I log in, is says it has to send a verification email. It then goes back to login and says the email is already registerwed!? Well, duh. For many, based on comments I have seen, DIscord is broken for many!

In the time you spent telling me to go to Discord, you could have just anwered my question!

I have been a total supporter/fan of this game, but it's an AVN, so it always goes to shit!

I bought your game over a year ago, but I suppose I am still just a member of the "public"!

Shame it's been abandoned. The good AVNs always are!

Still haven't said future updates will be free. So I'll wait, thank-you.

Won't pay for a 0.1 version unless I see the words "all future updates will be free"!

Sorry, it must have been the ending of 0.14 then. Sorry. Anyway all your updates have always been fantastic, so thank-you!

No to Patreon, yes to Nadia and Ellie getting together!

Thank you for keeping us to date. Most devs of good AVNs don't communicate, and quite often it's the good games that never get finished! :)

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Love the game, but how many thought (SPOILER)

The Christmas Beach party group photo was going to be the end of the update?!

Yes, Sir...

Except for those who bought the game and still have to wait for the free version!

Well, let's agree 8 months. No update on Itch, no developer info on itch. Itch is dead to him, so he can rake the money in!

Because I am only looking on Itch. The other places are about raking in money so you pay $100 per update!

... And let you know...

Keep up the good work through all this adversity! :)

But still, wow!

I have found out (to my horror) that you didn't buy the game, you made a donation for whatever the version was! I don't buy on Itch, any more (unless it's a finished game), since finding out about this!

Episode 7 costs $100?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keep your chin up. I bought this game on Itch over a year ago, as I saw it was quality. So I am with you all the way!

Funny, Itch tells me I bought it. Now it's a donation. Again, thank you for telling me there is no point giving any money to any developer!

That's all you have to say?!

Love the game, but really? Giving a heavily pregnant woman Pizza and cookies and soda?!!!!! Couldn't you have drawn meat and vegetables or something! I found it annoying and just plain bad information to gamers!

If it's to keep your skills up, do the prequel, but if you get the files before it's finished, don't worry. That's my view.

So you have just proved there is no point buying a game on Thank you for agreeing with me!

Didn't even mention I have BOUGHT the game! Yet you are saying even I have to wait for the free version to download it! So what's the point of buying your game?!!!

That's what I'd like to know. All the best AVNs seem to die, and the crappy one's get to 1.0!

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I don't understand I bought this game, yet my download page only shows 0.4 version!!! Now I am seeing I am expected to pay $10 more to get season 2! I really don't see the point of buying any more games on Itch!

I bought this game, and interestingly, I can download the update here for free, but this update is NOT on my download page!

You say buying 0.6 gets you 0.1 to 0.6, but you don't say 0.7 and beyond are included in the price or whether you will charge extra! Please let us know!

Itch most definitely say "download your PURCHASE", on my download page! But thats it for me. Won't buy another game on Itch. Steam or GOG only!

What's with all this aggro? All I want is to be able to download the latest update at the same time as it's on Patreon, other what's the point of paying. And you're saying pay for the game AND join Patreon, well, sorry, I don't want to pay $100+ for an AVN!

And based on my replies, I have two reasons not to buy a game! Thanks for the arrogance, rather than support of a fellow gamer!

But as I say, go to my download, don't see

(Chapter 1 - Episode 3) [Part 2] - BETA

on my list of downloads. SO it's not about purchasing it again it's about not getting to the latest patch before others who can download it free. Which should be the case!

No point in buying games on Itch, like I did with this one. I just have to wait until it's available for free download. So what's the benefit of paying for a game?!

This is your best work. Good luck for you and all of us! :)

Thanks for keeping us updated!

I purchased this game, and download page goes to 0.8. So I suppose I will have to wait until the FREE release date, despite having paid for it! Gotta love Itch!

A bejewelled battle system? Need a demo, I feel!

When is it coming to Steam?!

Reply to self: It has been a year

The latter, I think.