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Thanks for the update!

I am not going to pay for a walkthrough any more than I am going to pay $25 for a totally barely completed game!

Hey, there was a lot of cuckolding in Pandora Box 1 too!

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It would seem at the start of Pandora's Box 2, the "good ending" for Pandora's Box 1 is marrying and going to jail. At the time, and even now, I don't think that's a good ending! Endings are about feel satisfied that all your decisions/actions have come to fruition, not fallen apart!

Well given how rare updates are, it'll be years before this is finished, so again, i'll wait.

Thanks for the info.

Very "French"!

I am someone that said $50 was too much for an update, even though I bought Inheritance Ladeina's Path last year, I now no longer have access to the game page. That speaks volumes. So now you know me, a gamer for 30 years, but you know more about the dev, who has only raised $37 of a 3.000 total. I am not surprised...

Thanks for the quick reply. Didn't think it would be different, but just shows how desperate I am for this update! :)

Looking forward to the update next month - or so (!) I bought this on Steam, will they get the update at the same time? Thanks for all your hard work!

So the question is how many Chapters, so how many $5's are going to be needed. Once again, I think i'll wait for the finished game. There's no way I am stumping up $50 because of 10 updates, only to see the finished game at $25! So expect sales to wain...

Thank you for keeping us updated. I appreciate it.

I have already purchased this game on Itch. But when I go to my download page, it is only offering me the 0.8 version? Am I supposed to pay again?

Nice to know you're not giving up on the story. For many more gamers than devs realize, it's the story that has to be good for us to support the game, after all, there is only so much you can do with the sex scenes! Anyone over 25 buying AVNs has probably had real sex. I am 63, and I have had LOTS of sex IRL, so sex scenes in AVNs are about moving the story forward for me! I think that's why games with great stories, like being a DiK, Love of Magic, etc, do very well!  Neither of these games have sex every 5 minutes, like lesser games. When there is sex, it is meaningful.

Thanks for the info! I always say it's the developer's actions that decide game sales, much more than the game itself. You are proving that, so when you put the finished game on Steam and GOG, you will make a mint!

I'll give it a go, but will download it free for the moment....

Thank you. But this just shows why so many don't pay and just download. Paying the requested amount causes problems like this.....

And if you have already bought it on

Big news for Patreon, don't see why purchasers need to know, to be honest.

I have learnt that from other AVNs, so yes, I did delete chapter 3 before installing chapter 4.

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Bought Chapter 4, load my end of Chapter 3 save and the credits come up straight away! Not Chapter 4! Had to go back to an earlier save replay 30 minutes of the game again, got to the end of Chapter 3 and this time, Chapter 4 loaded. A bug maybe?

Thank you. I will buy it then...

If I pay for Chapter 4 will I have to pay for all future chapters?!

I just hope the next update doesn't just add 5 minutes of gameplay, like Chapter One Part One did, compared with the free demo!

Based on what you said, I bought the game. What I didn't realize was I paid $12 for 5 minutes of extra content! Why not just tell people that the "free" demo is 95% of Chapter One?! I am now not interested in the 4K, I am waiting for a substantial update!

Will further updates be free once purchased? Have played the demo and liked it, that's why I am asking... Thanks.

Sorry, not on my screen, and no scrollbar, so you can't scroll down.

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Still concerned that goes to the buy page, it just says "nude mod patch", where the hell is the actual game?

All sounds reasonable to me.

Valentine's Day for us plebs, eh? Love is in the air....!

Just played the first 2 hours, and if the story stays as good as this first 2 hours, I will be paying more than $15 for the finished game, that's for sure! :) Keep up the good work!

You're the man!

Sounds like it's coming together. Keep up the good work!

Have you seen a Witness with those long curly hair tails. either side of the face? If not, then lmfao at you.

0.6 has about an hours worth of content, and you say you have been working on the game for three years. So I'll come back in 2055 when the game's finished, and buy it.

Well, the dev shouldn't offer it for free, and if he does, he should accept complaints.

Some paid money. Not everyone downloads it for free. We support the dev, and don't get support back!

Well, you heard news in December 2022, we last heard news in April 2022. Are you sure it's not going to be just a Patreon release? That seems the way it's going...

You have that "scent" in your nostrils to do a perfect job with the guys and girls! I am behind you 100% (Well, mostly behind you, I am a scardy cat!)!!!