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What reviews are hidden?  I have been shopping on itch for a couple of years now and have seen reviews on many products.

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Really? Maybe I just have set it up wrong (but I don't think so because others were complaining about this in the Itch forum as well.) For example, if you look at the Vaults here, it has three ratings:

Two of those are just ratings, one is a review. And I don't think you can see the actual review text anywhere, that's why I manually copied it into the description.

But if there is a way, let me know, I'm not an Itch pro and it doesn't have the most intuitive GUI.

I can't even see the ratings, all I see is one single post titled: "There's so much power, violence and elegance!"

To see the ratings at least, you have to hit the "more information" button. It took me a while to discover that :D

Is there supposed to be a separate Reviews section from the comments?  I thought the only way to leave a review is to do it in the comments section. I have seen reviews in the comments of a lot of products which is why I mentioned that I see them frequently.
But I dont even see the option for a purchaser or otherwise to leave a review.... only a star rating.

When you open the page of a product you bought, there's a button in the top right corner that allows you to rate it. And yes, each product has a "Ratings" page in its analytics.

Yes, I can see the ratings option. But that is just a star rating. I am not seeing any way to leave an actual written review besides in the comments section.


Works for me, I can give a star and write a review. Here is an example:

wow, ok. Not sure how I missed that all this time. I usually only rate the products that I have had a chance to go over thoroughly, so I have not clicked on the Rate this Game button a lot. 

So, you are saying those reviews do not show up for anybody viewing the product other than the person who runs the game page?


Exactly. According to a post I found in the forums, those reviews are only for internal feedback purposes. Strange choice. But then again, I know of a few instances of review bombing on DTRPG (and naturally, Steam) so maybe they want to avoid that entirely.