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I'm going to use these maps for my personal game with friends. Just removing a couple of your homebrew locations and renaming a couple others.

Very nice!  Just purchased them!  Plan to use your Extras/extended map with just a couple of alterations.  Would also love to know some of the back story on the places that you added.

Does the $4.00 pay version of the world maps also have these more detailed zoomed in images like you show above of Kergus and Grift? 

Or is the world map already a high enough resolution to show that much detail?  Thanks!

wow, ok. Not sure how I missed that all this time. I usually only rate the products that I have had a chance to go over thoroughly, so I have not clicked on the Rate this Game button a lot. 

So, you are saying those reviews do not show up for anybody viewing the product other than the person who runs the game page?

Yes, I can see the ratings option. But that is just a star rating. I am not seeing any way to leave an actual written review besides in the comments section.

Is there supposed to be a separate Reviews section from the comments?  I thought the only way to leave a review is to do it in the comments section. I have seen reviews in the comments of a lot of products which is why I mentioned that I see them frequently.
But I dont even see the option for a purchaser or otherwise to leave a review.... only a star rating.

What reviews are hidden?  I have been shopping on itch for a couple of years now and have seen reviews on many products.

I purchased this a few days ago and agree with Booger Goblin. This is one of the most interesting "adventures" I have seen for Mörk Borg!  Maps and character sheets would be a great addition.  :)

Purchased this a few days ago. Maps would be great to go with this!  :)

I got an email from on Nov 6 saying the Outlying Farms supplement is available but this site is showing it as unavailable.   Thanks!