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Part 5! Peaking into the last dungeon today.

Let me give you a little hint for the puzzle with 2 dice-like shapes. You've been in a room with a big shining face and pillars. Small faces resemble the buttons. Big faces resemble that the whole room is a solution. Maybe pillars are the hint or maybe torches. Who knows? There was a big face in the first dungeon too. But you've been there so much time ago that you might've forgotten about it. Hints for the puzzles are always located on the same floor by the way. This should help you to get the legendary loot on the optional path and beat the whole dungeon without breaking a sweat ;)

I made this guide yesterday. Perhaps you'll find it useful.


Part 6! Nearly to the end!

Also, thanks for sharing the guide link, but I'll still try to figure things out on my own for now.

I respect this. Don't like to use guides much too.

Only couple of floors left by the way. You didn't break much sweat on the previous boss. And now I really want to see the final boss fight.

Oh and I'm really sorry that your progress wasn't saved. It's weird. I thinks that this issue has something to do with the autosave settings. You had similar issues earlier.


And the ending.

This one was...a long trip.

Oh boy! I was waiting for this one :)