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(Your game begins at 32:04)

Hoo, I seem to be playing quite a few cryptic games lately.

Often when a game goes more cryptic, I find myself desiring just a bit more context to at least be able to make my own conclusions, but the lack of any real answers to what is going on here was actually very effective. Less effective was the photos themselves - while they make for a good teaser of what to come, I found it rather difficult to find and recognize the things they portrayed after the first one, and I saw no real indication of the gates being open until I just randomly noticed after walking around confused for a while. Some of the fault for that is my own, I realize, but giving some hint that a new area has opened up would be appreciated.

But that's about all the criticism I have for this - it's a hell of a spooky experience, and was really fun to play. Great work.

Hey! Thank you for taking some time to play my little experiment. 
What you're saying about the photographs is absolutely fair, too. I figured I could get away with it because the experience is so short. 

The criticism mainly comes from being so intrigued I want to get ot the next part, so really it's a compliment to the rest of the game.
Still, spending several minutes walking around in circles in one room may be a short break in a game that lasts many hours, but in a game that effectively lasts 10 minutes, it can make things feel like they are coming to a bit of a halt.
But don't misunderstand me, it's a very minor gripe at worst.