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So I can't claim to played every game of yours (I still need to try Search Party), but I absolutely loved Salazar House when I did play it (and once I stopped dying every two steps), so I had to check this one out. Besides, with a title like Bloodwash and this premise, how could I say no?

I'm amazed just how different your games are in terms of presentation. From the much more somber Salazar House to this Slasher Movie extravaganza, it's like night and day. Voice acting was excellent all around, and once the slasher part gets going, it GETS GOING.

It was kind of oddly paced in that you spend a good chunk of the game really just going to do laundry and meeting the occasional weirdo, but it was a lot of fun just to explore - you will see I had a blast looking around in the shop at all those awesome fake film and video game covers (and the inclusion of ACTUAL horror comics is insane! So cool!)

This game is balls to the wall with its slasher vibe once it starts, and if I have to point anything out, it's that the final confrontation gets just a tiny bit weak after all that buildup, with you doing little more than walk around and shoot. Slashers tend to off their killers in extraordinary ways, and it might have helped.

But that's about all I can really put a finger on, and that's absolute peanuts. What a great game. Glad I played it.

Well, I played and absolutely adored Ouija Sleepover (which, in turn, turned out to be one of my most viewed videos ever, so that's awesome), so of course I had to check this one out when I learned about it.

I do really like a lot of what  I see here. The art is nice, obviously, characters are interesting, and it's a neat spin on the whole cycle thing you see in horror games. Not to mention the various puzzles are fairly simple to understand and find within context given in the game, rather than getting as obtuse as some RPGMaker puzzles do.

That said, I gotta admit I enjoyed Ouija Sleepover more, and it might have to do with me finding this game's story a tiny bit unclear. It's totally possible that I just misunderstood stuff, but I just don't see myself playing the full thing through to try every combination of interactions with Fio / opening the box to make sense of it all, and one ending I got felt oddly disconnected from the story itself - to me, at least.

Don't take this as the game not being high quality. It's good, DAMN good as can be expected from Hatoge - but I certainly did prefer the former game. Still, absolutely gonna be in line to play the next one, no question about it.

Now this was fun. I appreciate being put in the shoes of a character who would normally be either an NPC or some insufferable antagonist.

My main point of criticism (and spoilers ahead here) would be that while the scares you experience before the end are pretty startling ,they also end up ruining the ending by showing you the Devil far before you meet him. I feel like the scares could be something different yet still demonic, so him appearing at the end still feels likee a unique event.

Aside from that, I greatly enjoy this, and Seth's voice actor did a wonderful job. Kudos!

So this one is utterly delightful!

I like the sheer bait and switchy nature of the premise and presentation. Oh, it's in the horror tag! But it has cute graphics. But they are playing with a Ouija board! But nothing happens and it's just cute banter. But---!

I do also appreciate the different endings, and just how hardcore some of them get, although (and I realize this was for a jam, so perhaps this could be considered for a later updated version), I feel like the game needs a hint somewhere for the name to input to get the worst ending, or at least installed similes - it's pretty nearly impossible to just guess outside of trying random crap out for a small eternity.

It also seems to me like very little depends on your actual responses outside of the name. But again, I realize this was for a jam and time is of the essence. Still, it's a wonderful blend of styles, and Hana herself is adorable. I loved playing this.

Oh now this was wonderfully creepy. Just when it feels like you're jus twalking around slowly only for nothing to happen, you start seeing things, and soon end up feeling entirely helpless against the influence the place has on you.

There's a real art to the horror that provides no real explanation, and this nails it - very intriguing. Loved playing this.

I am late to the party on this one, but I did really enjoy myself. In particular, the glass cracking as you are walking through an underwater tunnel is quite the experience.

If anything, I would say the game seemed a little over reliant on sudden cutscenes. I feel like there were many times where I barely got to take five steps before I had to watch another scene, which aren't really clear wether they are supposed to be visions or something. Maybe if thye happened after finding notes or such it would make a bit more sense.

Still, a fun one for sure!

(Your game begins at 18:09)

So here's the thing.

I normally have very little patience for games that base their horror on being incomprehensible. A lot of the time it just feels like randomness for the sake of randomness, shaking off any unease I may feel.

Trumpets is not one such game.

Granted, I still have no idea what is going on in it, but a simple trick like forcing you to rely on sound to lead you to the jump scares, the narration at the beginning and the way CDs change the environment, there is enough here to get a player genuinely curious. I thoroughly enjoyed this one, I really did.

(Your game begins at 09:39)

What a fun one! Sadly, my recording of your other game, Fear Field, went sour, or I would have included that in this game too. This is an interesting take on a quick little horror story, and I do love the implications of people in these boxes. Honestly scarier than the monsters appearing, if not more startling, heh.

Both games were a lot of fun though, keeping my ye out for more!

What a fun premise for a game this one was. I do love the setting and the monster, and for that matter the house itself feeling like it has a fair bit of personality.

Knowing it was made for a gamejam  as I say the following, it does feel a bit unpolished. I ran into a glitch where it told me I had  applied the bait even though I hadn't even made it yet, my character kept walking during the cutscene on the mill, and the monsters attacking are just kind of... the same sort of stiff animation. I am sure you are aware of these, and that with mroe time they would have been worked on, however.

And what we have is still rather fun, so kudos to you, I quite enjoyed myself on this one.

((Your game begins at 10:20))

So I did actually love this. The presentation, the simply arcade-y gameplay, the sound....

But my God. Maybe I am just not hardcore enough for these types of games, but I found it got WAY too difficult WAY too fast, with far more cultists than you have any reasonable chance of beating. At least for me.

It's entirely possible that this is just a me problem, but it did kind of kill my motivation immediately. Aside from that, I DID have fun with what I played, so kudos for a cool ass game!

((Your game begins at 21:45))

Well this was almost worth it for the punchline alone.

Graphically, this was freaking awesome, but I do have some small gripes, mostly with occasional communication flaws in the final chase. There's just no good reason for the player to think that little platform is a proper "hiding place", and it's very easy to end up spending ridiculous amounts of times running around behind houses, which completely kills the suspense of the chase.

There's also just some grammar errors in dialogue. I don't wanna dunk on you (English is my second language too), but it tends to break immersion when errors are frequent. Getting someone slightly more savvy in english to proof read might be something worth considering. 

((Your game begins at 00:00 ))

I will absolutely die for this dog.

This was a lot of fun - a simple, to the point horror experience, and one with a cool looking, interesting villain to boot. I also like that, considering how fast things move, the shotgun reloads itself. A big help.

The combat is just slightly wonky to me. The final boss felt like it was impossible to actually turn and face the enemy without taking a hit, much less have any actual precision in trying to pick up health and ammo strewn around, since ANY slowdown at all would get you hit. That might need some work.

But still, Whitetail Incident was SUPER fun and well done.

(Your game begins at 09:12)

Now this was quite a fun little experience. Certainly simple, as it really is just a few minute long visual novel with a small handful of branching paths, but you manage to create quite a bit of immersion with just a bit of clever phrasing in your narration and slightly off-kilter pictures of the apartment. Very well done all things considered!

( Your game begins at 08:28 )

Sometimes, I stumble upon games that get me immediately interested from title alone. This is one of them.

The premise is brilliant and hilarious, although I found the mechanics for moving things took surprisingly long to find out and get to work properly, and I wish there was sa bit more of an ending.

But those are gripes. The game in and f itself is deliciously bizarre, and I love the concept!

(Your game begins at 28:41)

Well this was a great experience, if for the art style alone (and screwing with the controls for a second only to THEN pull a jumpscare was kind of genius). Please tell me you'll develop something bigger in this graphic style, it's a heck of an experience.

Ooooh what aride this has been. 

I played your game "Mr. Hopp's Playhouse" last year and adored it - and I actually didn't realize upon playing this that it was done by the same people, until I finished it. But looking back, the simple effectiveness of it should have been a dead giveaway.

This is a wonderfully set up game with well paced scares and managing to make something as a "killer snowman" genuinely frightening - while requiring you to put the clues together yourself from the environment, which is done super well for certain.

The only gripes I have with this are some minor design choices. For one, the phone password was very difficult to figure out - it's one thing to leave passwords around, but making you have to mix them up requires a bit more of a clue somewhere in the house. I had to resort to checking out other playthroughs, and judging from those I wasn't the only one having trouble.

Second, the final encounter with the snowman, a wonderful bit of resource management as it is, goes on for just a tiny bit too long and locks you in place with no option but to get killed if you run out of flame fuel. I don't see what the harm is in being able to go to the kitchen and have the snowman simply chase you. You'd still lose health and have to move fast. As it is now, it is very easy to die several minutes into the fight and have to do the same thing all over again way too many times.

These are VERY minor gripes all things considered however. I loved the game, and you're first becoming a fave dev of mine on this website. keep up the wonderful work. I can't wait to see what other kinds of spooks await me.


(Your game is the first game featured)

Well this was fun - a cool little quick game with good ol' Krampus. And I appreciate that the issues I usually have with these styles of games were largely avoided - no overly dark maps, no incredibly aggro monster that kills you instantly if you so much as move a pixel and sends you back to the start immediately, no ridiculously out of the way items to grab - just a quick, simple little christmas spook. Very nice work!

(1 edit)

I gotta say, I was not quite prepared for this to be as effective as it is.

After all, it's yet another abandoned asylum, yet another found footage, yet another dark hallway laden building necessitating a flashlight. But I have never been a believer that you must always reinvent the wheel. You simply have to oil it well to make them turn smoothly. That's what this does.

Your employer's casual tone and the sudden absolute relentlessnes of it creates a  damn fine horror experience very quickly. It's not "new"... but it sure is delicious! 

Ooooh the new art looks gorgeous. Keeping an eye on this, I loved the first one despite small puzzle frustrations. Thanks for getting back to me on those, btw. 
But yeah, excited to see this one

(Your game begins at 1:16:18)

Well, sometimes all a game needs to be scary is a properly spooky antagonist, and this scarred giant is definitely an unpleasant presence in the game. It's already a spooky area and plenty of great spooky noises. And when you turn and see this bastard glaring at you, it's almost always effective.

It is a bit bare bones, just leading you by the nose to the scares without much context beyond one article, but nonetheless, what is here is incredible effective.

(your game begins at 1:06:08)

A solid little experience, this one! It's mainly a bit of a shame that the monsters are slightly too cartoony for their own good in a game wih an otherwise dark ending, but nonetheless I enjoyed myself. the piano noises in one room are especially great.

(Your game begins at 54:18)

Now this was fun! It reminded me a LOT of "Sucker for Love" from the second Dread X Collection, which I assure you is a big compliment as I loved that game. 

I am somewhat unclear on what exactly the ending implies about what you were doing, but nonetheless, a funny (and quite effectivel y spooky despite the parody) horror cooking game!

(Your game begins at 46:10)

Now this is a hell of a setting. Wandering in this flesh labyrinth is deliciously gross and unpleasant... so it's a shame there's no actual payoff to it rather than a sudden cut back to the beginning. I can't imagine a good reason to give you basically no ending whatsoever, especially when everything else promises so much. Still, the journey was excellent.

(YOur game begins at 36:30)

I am sorry to say that this one just ended up making me laugh. It's not even that it's a bad premise - emptying out whole streets of furniture after a disaster is a great idea for a setting for a horror game. But with very little happening and the payoff being completely random, it frankly just got ridiculous to me. You clearly have the means and ideas for something that makes a little more sense and is more intense, however, and I would love to see something more polished from you in the future.

(Your game begins at 30:25)

For a short little experience, this is rather nice, and I do like to see a Banshee used in a game. The actual trek to find her in the woods might be just a tad bit long for such a low-intensity payoff, but it was still a nice experience - and her wailing certainly works.

(Your video begins at 10:16)
Well this was quite funny. There is a major issue with the last prompt in that it is entirely too specific - "Shoo" is not the first word that is going to come to ANYONE'S mind, and it desperately needs many, many more variables to progress. I cut out a solid few minutes of trying ust about everything. Still, funny stuff.

(Your game is first in the video)

Hello hello and happy (late) Halloween! I played your game as part of this massive compilation, and found myself VERY much enjoying it. Hardly the scariest experience ever, and a bit of an anticlimactic end, but the house itself and the atmosphere is absolutely awesome. I do especiallt love the purple coloring, when so man Cthulhu-inspired things go for green. Great work!

I do always love me an RPG Maker horror story - and one with a sweet love story at its core like this (with some pretty messed up possible outcomes, heh) certainly earns a few points. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with this... literally any other point than the chase scene. I get the whole "shutting the game down at death" thing is common, but here, it nearly makes the chase sequence unplayable, given there are times where the halls are only two spaces wide, and it's entirely possible for the attacker to change directions WHILE you're moving, corner you and thus kill you even if you move at what should have been a completely safe moment. Imagine doing this while trying to reord, too! 

But aside from that one gripe, this is a great game, with lovely art and an endearing pair of protagonists. Loved it.

Now this I found excellent.

From managing to use a creature that most would write off as impossible for a horror antagonist, to the very organic way you traverse between trailers in the park as event sunfold, this is just a wonderfully creative little horror setting. Especially the usage of sound to freak you out simply by how MANY of the dan things are around is kind of brilliant.

Too me an annoyingly long time to find a key I was looking for but eh, that's on my part. Really cool little game! Hope to see more.

Just curious, do you have an estimate on when it would possibly be finished? I already adore the visual style and am quite interested, but I'd prefer to play it when it's out in full.

(Your game begins at 13:05) 

Well then. Ward 17.

I will say this for it - it is startling as all hell! You got some great sound design going and some well placed suden jumpscares... but that's kind of all you have. While I adore the oddly crude monsters, they don't really offer anything - you just go from room to room, pick up a key and walk at a leisurely pace away from a different monster each time that behaves exactly the same.

Technically, it's solid enough. But there's very little meat to the bones here in terms of a scary game. Nonetheless, I had fun, and your monsters definitely gave me a good laugh!
Keep it going and I am sure there' ssome great stuff from you later!


(Your game starts at 4:41)

Well this was quite a delightful romp... through some of the goriest corpses I think I have seen on this site!

I did really like going through the location - every corpse on display is incredibly graphic and unique, making it quite an experience to explore and the music is just excellent. Whats less amazing is the complete lack of a payoff to the experience. When all you're doing is walk around, you gotta at least deliver a climax, and this doesn't have mch going for it there (nor do I understand why the password is what it is, but oh well).

(Your game is first in the video!)
What a brilliant short spook. Nothing quite like using the player's one mechanic against them like this. Took me a little longer than I care to admit to figure out, but once I did, I was delighted! Great stuff


A strange and depressing tale, told with deliciously gloomy pixel art. What's there not to love?

I would probably prefer if it was slightly more comprehensible - even if it is a teaser or meant to be confusing, it'd be nice to get at least one thing or two set in stone, but eh. It helps the experience. I certainly enjoyed my time with it!

As if job hunting wasn't anxiety-inducing enough!

This is a very interesting game, almost entirely by virtue of how extremely bizarre and off-puttingly old school it is aesthetically. All of that, I love.

I do, however, have mixed feelings on the multiple endings. It's nice they're there, and it is fun to see the ending change somewhat depending on who yo do and don't save, but they really aren't that differeny from eachoter. And with all the game brags about your choices mattering, the only major one seems to be wether or not you kill the cowboy, which just leave the rest inconsequential, even though they still work in building tension. It just made replays slightly less interesting.

Still, this is a unique and bizarre experience that I thoroughly enjoyed. Great job.

This game was brilliant!

I make a number of comparisons to the similarly sidescrolling 2D horror game "Mr. Hopp's Playhouse" here on, and I assure you that is a compliment. The Hag is terrifying, the music is great, the cartoony artstyle is brilliant and the sheer level of detail on the main character's expression to help you through the game is amazing. In fact, disregard some of my comments in the video itself about it needing improvement - that was mainly a product of me taking longer than I should have to notice just how helpful it ACTUALLY is. 

But seriously, this is one of my favorite games I have played from here for quite a while. Great work!

(Your game begins at 8:59)

So for a first game, I find this rather surprisingly well done. It's simple, to be sure, but you manage to build up anticipation for one especially great jump scare very very well, and that definitely deserves raise. Plus the actual elevator shot is rather cool.

The main thing that needs fixing is the grammar. It's nothing too major, the game is still perfectly understandable, but it just always leaves it a little easier to take seriously with minimal (or preferably, no) errors.

(Your game is first in the episode)
Well then, this was certainly interesting. I am unclear on wether or not your answers have much influence on what happens, but you do give us some great visuals ad one great interesting scare. A very cool game overall!

I went ahead and palyed both your games so far in one go!

This is definitely a step up from the first episode in terms of ambition - it's surprisingly effectively creepy right off the bat (aside from the hilarious gobbling of the "zombies", it's also surprisingly intense). 

Plus, SPOIELR ALERT, but I do like seeing the occasional horror game with a fairly unambigiously good ending. It's rather rare.

I'm definitely keeping an eye out for more episodes.

I went ahead and played both of your games in one go!

I do always love what is essentially a very silly slasher story, nad this is a profoundly silly one. It's worth it for the punchline of the "True" ending alone, so kudos on that, you gave me a great laugh!