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I do always love me an RPG Maker horror story - and one with a sweet love story at its core like this (with some pretty messed up possible outcomes, heh) certainly earns a few points. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with this... literally any other point than the chase scene. I get the whole "shutting the game down at death" thing is common, but here, it nearly makes the chase sequence unplayable, given there are times where the halls are only two spaces wide, and it's entirely possible for the attacker to change directions WHILE you're moving, corner you and thus kill you even if you move at what should have been a completely safe moment. Imagine doing this while trying to reord, too! 

But aside from that one gripe, this is a great game, with lovely art and an endearing pair of protagonists. Loved it.

Now this I found excellent.

From managing to use a creature that most would write off as impossible for a horror antagonist, to the very organic way you traverse between trailers in the park as event sunfold, this is just a wonderfully creative little horror setting. Especially the usage of sound to freak you out simply by how MANY of the dan things are around is kind of brilliant.

Too me an annoyingly long time to find a key I was looking for but eh, that's on my part. Really cool little game! Hope to see more.

Just curious, do you have an estimate on when it would possibly be finished? I already adore the visual style and am quite interested, but I'd prefer to play it when it's out in full.

(Your game begins at 13:05) 

Well then. Ward 17.

I will say this for it - it is startling as all hell! You got some great sound design going and some well placed suden jumpscares... but that's kind of all you have. While I adore the oddly crude monsters, they don't really offer anything - you just go from room to room, pick up a key and walk at a leisurely pace away from a different monster each time that behaves exactly the same.

Technically, it's solid enough. But there's very little meat to the bones here in terms of a scary game. Nonetheless, I had fun, and your monsters definitely gave me a good laugh!
Keep it going and I am sure there' ssome great stuff from you later!


(Your game starts at 4:41)

Well this was quite a delightful romp... through some of the goriest corpses I think I have seen on this site!

I did really like going through the location - every corpse on display is incredibly graphic and unique, making it quite an experience to explore and the music is just excellent. Whats less amazing is the complete lack of a payoff to the experience. When all you're doing is walk around, you gotta at least deliver a climax, and this doesn't have mch going for it there (nor do I understand why the password is what it is, but oh well).

(Your game is first in the video!)
What a brilliant short spook. Nothing quite like using the player's one mechanic against them like this. Took me a little longer than I care to admit to figure out, but once I did, I was delighted! Great stuff


A strange and depressing tale, told with deliciously gloomy pixel art. What's there not to love?

I would probably prefer if it was slightly more comprehensible - even if it is a teaser or meant to be confusing, it'd be nice to get at least one thing or two set in stone, but eh. It helps the experience. I certainly enjoyed my time with it!

As if job hunting wasn't anxiety-inducing enough!

This is a very interesting game, almost entirely by virtue of how extremely bizarre and off-puttingly old school it is aesthetically. All of that, I love.

I do, however, have mixed feelings on the multiple endings. It's nice they're there, and it is fun to see the ending change somewhat depending on who yo do and don't save, but they really aren't that differeny from eachoter. And with all the game brags about your choices mattering, the only major one seems to be wether or not you kill the cowboy, which just leave the rest inconsequential, even though they still work in building tension. It just made replays slightly less interesting.

Still, this is a unique and bizarre experience that I thoroughly enjoyed. Great job.

This game was brilliant!

I make a number of comparisons to the similarly sidescrolling 2D horror game "Mr. Hopp's Playhouse" here on, and I assure you that is a compliment. The Hag is terrifying, the music is great, the cartoony artstyle is brilliant and the sheer level of detail on the main character's expression to help you through the game is amazing. In fact, disregard some of my comments in the video itself about it needing improvement - that was mainly a product of me taking longer than I should have to notice just how helpful it ACTUALLY is. 

But seriously, this is one of my favorite games I have played from here for quite a while. Great work!

(Your game begins at 8:59)

So for a first game, I find this rather surprisingly well done. It's simple, to be sure, but you manage to build up anticipation for one especially great jump scare very very well, and that definitely deserves raise. Plus the actual elevator shot is rather cool.

The main thing that needs fixing is the grammar. It's nothing too major, the game is still perfectly understandable, but it just always leaves it a little easier to take seriously with minimal (or preferably, no) errors.

(Your game is first in the episode)
Well then, this was certainly interesting. I am unclear on wether or not your answers have much influence on what happens, but you do give us some great visuals ad one great interesting scare. A very cool game overall!

I went ahead and palyed both your games so far in one go!

This is definitely a step up from the first episode in terms of ambition - it's surprisingly effectively creepy right off the bat (aside from the hilarious gobbling of the "zombies", it's also surprisingly intense). 

Plus, SPOIELR ALERT, but I do like seeing the occasional horror game with a fairly unambigiously good ending. It's rather rare.

I'm definitely keeping an eye out for more episodes.

I went ahead and played both of your games in one go!

I do always love what is essentially a very silly slasher story, nad this is a profoundly silly one. It's worth it for the punchline of the "True" ending alone, so kudos on that, you gave me a great laugh!

I tried changing that with no result, and I tried canging it back wit no result. Regardless of wether it's fullscreen, or which language I pick, nothing seems to happen. I suppose i can try outright redownloading the game and loading it after that, but it seems a very strange error.

Hey  - I would really, really like to play this game, as the visual style alone has me very interested, but I can't seem to get it to work?

Whenever I start the game, I just get the first image of some mountaintops, and a flashing period sign. No text appears, and no buttons or mouse clicks I do seem to make me progress. This really bums me out, cause the game looks super interesting. Any idea why this is happening?


(Your game starts at 29:02)

Now this is a hilarious premise.
Babies are weird and unpredictable, after all. And playing that for strange horror is a great idea. There are plenty of sudden surprirses I adore, and the sheer uncanny valley creepiness of the baby model itself works wonders for the game,

I actually first played the Jam version, which did feel underwhelming, before playing your upgraded version for this video, and was delighted to still find a few surprises.

I would love to see this game expanded upon - I feel like it could become equal parts strangely hilarious and genuinely terrifying if it had a slower buildup. At the moment, it barrels from zero to sixty very very fast, which is admirable in and of itself - and the fact that I want more demon baby shenanigans should be taken as me saying I want more of this weird and wild little game!

Great job, folks.


(Your game starts t 20:17)

Oh you clever dicky. A "2 minute horror game" indeed... once you've spent 20 trying the game over and over again to get to the end, hah!

I loved this one. A super simple (and relatable) goal leading to an almost hilariously overlown dramatization of what being late for class actually feels like - with one especially shocking surprise if you take too long. This was honestly brrilliantly thought out, and that comes from someone who nromally hate games that base all their scares on getting the player to get lost. Great work!

(Your game begins at 16:27)

I am not going to lie - I don't quite get this one. Or for that matter, how it supposedly relates to Junji Ito's work (aside from the snail imagery). I realize it is a two-minute game, and thus there is little room to be too elaborate with stories, but this comes across a bit as "walk in a straight line to the spooky thing".

This is not bad as much as it is a bit bewildering, however. The game looks great, and the imagery of the supernatural creatures is wonderfully unique and unsettling. I'd just have liked to have some sense of what was actually going on, as I don't feel there's quite enough here to justify a surreal experience.

But still, I did quite enjoy the experience.

(Your game begins at 4:06)

Well then, didn't this fit well into my little "kids in horror "themed video here! 

So this is definitely an interesting (and depressing) core premise, that leaves me wildly pondering what exactly it is that gets everyone to consider this kid a 'bad kid', all things considered.

I do love the art! I feel like I have seen it on other games on this site as well, but can't put my finger on it.

It's not a lot of content for a demo, but certainly a cool appetizer with some choice shots to keep things interesting and set up a cool premise. I'm definitely keeping an eye out for a full release.

Hey there! Decided to play your game for a little theme video - five scary games centered around children (babies, school, etc). Yours is the first in the video!

I love the basic idea here for a two-minute horror experience. From an immediately unsettling title to the sound of a child crying for help, you set a mood right away, and the payoff to the little goose chase you're sent on is pretty dam good.

I do however feel like the main mechanic of making the darkness fade kind of lessens the impact of coming back to the room, considering you get to see the creature fade in. Perhaps you should instead have gone to inpect some noises, then return - and be met with a grisly sight right away!

But I do realize this done over a very short time, and I nonetheless enjoyed the idea greatly! Made for a good start to this vidoe, that's for damn sure.

(Your game begins at 19:10)

So that went from "very confusing and strange" to "utterly hilarious" in a jiffy. I loved it!

(Your game begins at 9:12)

An interesting enough little game, in a ool and very graphically nice environment, not to mention the occasional genuinely well pulled off jump scare.

The key is a bit too small and unclear and took a whiel to find, and some grammar issues in the story make some parts fall a tiny bit flat, but what surrounds that works pretty well all things considered.

(Your game begins at 2:25)

So this was actually pretty fun. A bunch of deently disorienting scares that I enjoyed, and a nice pixel art style all things considered. But I must admit the ending is a bit of an anticlimax. Still, enjoyable while I played it, so good work there!

(Your game is the first in the video)

Well. That was short. But nonetheless intriguing enough, as the creatures do pose a strangely threatening presence even if they don't get to do much. Cool atmosphere all around.

Hooo boy! This was a tricky one! A few of thee puzzles are a tiny bit unclear, and I think I ran into a little bit of an interface problem with the book puzzle as I DEFINITELY did it right more than once (I suspect it read more than one click ber pook), but overall, this was a very fun little puzzle game that gave me a good brain tease or two. Very cool work!


While I have seen the "revive a loved one" thing happen a few too many times in horror lately, you do have a lot of unique thinsg going for this one. Your puzzles flow fairly naturally and are quite interesting, particualrly the snake bit, which I found rather interesting. And using the notebook was a nice idea.

However, what the game lacks is polish. The fonts are too standard, things seem a bit jittery, and some things are just delivered too matter-of-factly instead of being given time to work. The confrontation in the notebook, for instance, could be much, much more intense than it is, and is kind of undermined by sending you on a short, ultimately pointless fetch quest immediately after.

There's a lot of cool things here, and you should be proud of those.And I do realize this is a student project, so take my criticisms less as "this is bad" and more as "Keep in mind for next time": With the right amount of polish, there's a really cool, spooky experience in to be found here!

First of all, I state somewhere in the beginning of this video that this was developed for some manner of Creepypasta Game Jam. I seem to remember reading that on this page, but now I can't find it at all and I think I may have imagined it or confused it with another game. So, just in case, I apologize for potentially saying something false. That's my bad.

So, on to the game itself. I enjoy RPGMaker horror quite a bit, and it's always fun to see an environment gradually get more demented (great examples of that would be Love, Sam and Suite 776 for those interested), so you're giving me a lot of fun to work with here. and with some of the faces your main character ends up making and the excellent sound design, you do rack up some creeps.

I do find the game to be one of those that tries a little too hard, throwing as much "creepy" at the player as possible with (seemingly) little coherence and relation to the story going on - but that's actually not a bad thing here. All the more demented lines your character start to speak are so over the top that they become immensely entertaining, and like I said, the sound, the faces and some of the implications do actually manage to build up to a creepy atmosphere. It's like a psycho roller coaster ride once you get into it, and it's super fun.

I feel like maybe whatever story is being told here could be communicated just a tiny bit more clearly, but nonetheless, I ended up really getting into the game's off the wall tone, and certainly curious about the real narrative happening here.

So, good work. Hope to some day see what that stinger is about.

I am a fairly big fan of Feudal Japanese settings, so this immediately caught my attention, especially with the idea of playing as a temple priestess.

In theory, this demo doesn't do much different than many other horror games. You walk, spooky things happen, you trigger events and you find items. And yet, with the setting, just the right sounds and sights at just the right time and an overall oppressive atmospere, I was immediately on edge from the start. As you'll see, even when I absolutely call a certain scare before it happens, it STILL manages to get incredibly uncomfortable, and it has been a while since I have gone so out of my way to not make noise during a monster encounter.

Whatever magic you worked to create that atmosphere, PLEASE do keep doing it. I signed up for the newsletter and I am VERY excited to see how you might interpret other Yokai from Japans rich folklore. This one is a keeper - I'll be there on release.

By now, I have played quite a few RPG Maker horror games, big and small.

And for a first attempt, and a short little story, I am acutally a little bit impressed with the amount of content, in terms of flavour text, room detail, etc. And of course, the lovely character art.

The story, as simple as it is, definitely takes some delightfully messed up turns in certain endings, which aren't super cryptic to find (I find a LOT of RPGMaker horror games make the endings entirely too situational and difficult to find, so kudos there).

The main problem here is grammar. I say this as a second language english speaker myself, but there are times where it really gets distracting, and it requires a lot more proof reading. Meaning isn't lost, far from it, but for the sake of presentation, it really can use some touchups there.

Very, very good work for a first game. I certainly enjoyed it, enough to find all three endings.

So, I want to try and play this, but when I open the game, I don't seem to get a cursor within the game window. I can't even press start. Has this been a problem for anyone else? I'd love to heck it out, your preview images look wonderful.

Here we go! Part 1 of 4 of my playthrough of your game. The next parts will go up daily, if you are interested - which I obviously hope you are.

Now to get to all of the good stuff right away - I LOVE a lot of things about this game. I love the premise, I love the monster designs, I love the concepts behind the majority of the puzzles, I love the wonderful pixel art and the music, the immensely well placed scares... you've created an awesome world down in that basement, and crafted a very cool horror story that racks things up at all the right beats. Wonderful stuff, all around, so absolutely pat yourself on the back there.

However, as I am sure will become clear through my playthrough - it is also incredibly frustrating, and I didn't make that a secret in my earlier comment.

I understand you want to create tension, and to do so you have ramped up the difficulty. I do, however, feel that you are on some levels confusing "challenge" with "hair-pulling irritation". The concepts are fine - a slow character with only matches and light to keep enemies at bay. However, it constantly feels like everything is just a little short - like the matches last just a little too shortly, like you move just a tad too slow. In particular (SPOILER) the boss fight with Cathrin feels like it's meant for a game where you play a different character, and several puzzles, while fine in concept and I mostly had no issue figuring out after a few tries, had me dying multiple times before I could even move far ahead enough to see the things I needed to see in order to piece the puzzle together. And with the limited save states and slow movement speed, that resulted in every death meaning a sloooooow jog back to where I was, doing all the same tasks again and again and again. Death didn't become a punishment for failing a fair challenge. Death became a chore I had to deal with to try again, and a punishment for playing in the first place.

You will hear me get very frustrated over the course of the game, and judging from comments below, I may simply have had a uniquely hard time with the game and played badly overall, and playing frustrated probably doidn't help. I will concede that. I do still feel there are times where the sheer frustration of the gameplay overpowers what is otherwise an excellently crafted horror experience, and I try to make it very clear in the video what my problems are.

To put it as short as I can: Under normal circumstances, I would probably have given up halfway through out of sheer irritation more than anything else. But the aesthetics, the story and the atmosphere made me keep going - on top of just plain old stubbornness after having invested a lot of time. And I don't think that's the ideal state to put your player in. But then, we might simply disagree on the style of challenge we like.

Please don't misunderstand any complaints I express in the playthrough. I LOVE what you have created here. But I do believe the game could stand a slight re-balancing to make it ust a little bit more bearable, and make you just a little more excited to retry what you just failed - instead of hammering through out of sheer stubborn irritation.

I still loved The Basement, absolutely. And I hope to see more exciting stuff from you.

Hello there

I have been playing your game today, and aside from finding parts immensely frustrating - for reasons I hope to elaborate on in a gameplay video - I love it!


However, I cannot for the absolute life of me get past the (I assume final or nearly final) watery area of the game, immediately after defeating the dog.The area is enormous, the map I found (the penultimate journal) doesn't seem to line up with the actual area, and I just cannot figure out where to go or what to do in any order whatsoever. I can get the raft to a giant log near a flammable bush, and I am assuming I need to burn that bush - but the stone platforms make it impossible to get the raft close enough.

Nearby there is another big rock platform with those slime-shooting things, and a mine cart. That makes me think I need to move my raft there and somehow get the minecart on it, but once again that seems mpossible - especially with the leeces gnawing at the boat. I can't even swim ahead to see what else is there without doing due to the character's slow movement speed and the three-hitpoint system.

I would appreciate any pointers whatsoever, as I have spent nearly 45 minutes in that area getting nowhere in a hurry - sine a general proble mwith your game is a complete lack of any direction on how to solve certain things, or ability to scope out the area without dying in order to figure it out. I would hate to give up after getting this far, but right now I see little other way. 

Please respond with at least a hint to a solution. Your game is lovely, and I want to experience it to the end.

Now I'm not going to lie - I have a complicated relationship with Social Media based horror - and for that matter, with visual novels. Social Media horror I find tends to get just as shallow as the media they want to demonize in their "everyone that lives off of it is automatically awful" narrative, and visual novels tend to need to strike a very specific balance between "horror" and "visual" before I start wondering why it didn't choose one or the other.

I am not saying that to dunk on your work here, mind you. I am saying that to make it clear that this still caught my attention despite that and made me want to play it. This definitely has to do with the art style and with a great logo, so absolutely pat yourselves on the back for that - you hit the balance just right.

There ARE moments in #Influenced where I feel an extra spot of visualization would really help sell the moment. There are times where I feel one scene drags, or the horror escalates just a tiny bit too quickly (going directly from "cut off some hair" to "slice open your hand and drink your own blood" seems like there's a step missing in between) - but all in all this was a well told story about obsession with false gratification and sacrificng authenticity to gain it. 

Little touches help it go along way - the very accurate Instagram interface, the way dialogue swings from being obnoxiously stereotypical (and I mean, that serves the story, so no worries there) to believable and especially being able to see the follower count tick up in between dialogue boxes help catch attention.

To put an end to what wasn't intended to be a textwall - #Influenced, in a sense, had everything going against it for me personally, but still caught my attention and told me a story I enjoyed quite a lot. 

And the way I see it, that means you did great work here. Keep it up.

(Your game is the first in this video)
Now this was VERY creepy indeed.

While I got a little stuck on progression sometimes since I find the "alternative use with right click" mechanic a bit obtuse and easy to forget about (though I recognize this may be more of an engine thing than your decision) and I automatically check out a little when babies get involved in horror due to sheer overuse, everything worked so well I got sucked in anyway. The whole thing is such an oppressive, creepy experience with just enough context clues to clue you on some dark stuff that it gets rather scary rather fast. Excellent work. Would love to see more.

(Your video begins at 16:09)

(Your video begins at 16:09)

Well this definitely gave me some good laughs. Not every spooky game has to be super serious. I love the attention to detail, the little easter eggs around the room and the way the narrative keeps playing a bit with your expectation. It's all quite funny!

I do find the main character kind of obnoxious, but I have a feeling that is part of the joke. Either way, I enjoyed myself playing it. A good time was had!

(Your game starts at 29:50)

An effective, creepy little tale!

There are occasions where I feel the game could use a little extra clarity - it took me ages to notice there even WAS a latch for instance, as it is incredibly tiny, and the lack of a verbal response when using a wrong iten in a game that has so few does more to confuse than lead - especially when the item seems like it should be capable of performing the intended task.

But these are very minor nitpicks. A spooky little tale is told here, in a cool environment, and I enjoyed it.

Hah, that was actually a bit cooler than expected.

While I do think the game tries a little too hard on its main angle by the end, as it tends to happen with these subjects, I realize that may just be my own personal tastes speaking. And with that said, I do appreciate the relentless nature of the game in always throwing a new scare at you, and managing to very organically lead the player along to avoid long moments of confusion or going the wrong way. So a very good job on that.

One minor gripe is that the notes are kinda hard to read, thanks to a mixture of a small size and an odd font type, so I would like to see that much fixed in future games. 

Either way, Grandma was a fun romp that I loved to play!


(Your game begins at 24:00)

Well this is a clever setup! 
While I feel like the climax, interesting as it is visually, is a tiny bit anticlimactic, I really like the setup of navigating a video sharing website for puzzle solving. It's quite clever, and fairly intuitive (I am just embarassed at my inability to use the map properly, heh!)

But yeah, this is a real cool idea. SOmetimes, the simplest things are the most effective.


Well that took a turn after a couple moments! A fun shooter with some strange and delightful creature designs that does need some polish, but is nonetheless fun to play .Definitely like the 2D enemies on a simplified 3D background aesthetic it has going!

(Your game(s) are first in the video)

Well, this was a cool little idea - definitely much appreciate the aspect of not going for the most obvious solution. That said, I feel like there are little details tat make it a bit more frustrating to figure out the actual solution than needed be - there needs to be a one or two more direct hints, maybe dialogue boxes if you interact with certain things, and something being more readily visible after being triggered - but other than that, very interesting.

The prologue I actually found much more engaging due to how completely strange it is, and only raises more questions. Very cool stuff!