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So - this was excellent!

The visual style and sidescrolling nature of the game reminds me of the original SNES Clock Tower in all of the best ways, while Mr Hopps is a genuinely freaky adversary that had more than a handful of surprises up his sleeve for me, spooking me quite effectively in a lot of places!  And let me say, I REALLY appreciate that you had the forethought to give the player checkpoints between finding tapes - so many games send you on these scavenger hunts that I am not usually a fan of, just to kill you and make you do the whole thing again. This was MUCH more managable and thus far more enjoyable than frustrating.

If I have to touch down on anything, there are times where Mr. Hopps' stalking takes entirely too long. There were many times I sat around behind the couch in the living room for up to 30-60 seconds because he frankly just refused to leave, and you had no way of knowing if he'd immediately turn back around whenever he walked off screen. Maybe give him some more patrol-esque movement patterns to alleviate this.

And of course, as you can see in this playthrough (and I dunno if you fixed this - I downloaded this on day one and played it later), there is a pretty bad bug by the end where dying at all makes your gun refuse to work on subsequent attempts until you exit to the main menu and come back. Could easily throw folks very far off.

But either way - this is excellent. Music, design, scare style, space between scares and objectives - great stuff. So well done. I loved playing this.


First of all, thank you guys kindly for sending me this to begin with. It's always wildly appreciated. Sorry it took me a little while.

I shoulds say, I have generally had a problem lately with games appearing darker as I play them than they do after recording for some bizarre reason I cannot pinpoint, so I apologize in advance for times where I complain the game is "too dark". THat is not the case.

So, "Unaware", essentially a sort of Escape Room puzzle solving horror game, at least from this demo, is actually pretty interesting. I like the setting of the mansion, and that you have to do such mundane things as get dressed and eat to regain your strength before you can actually go outside. It's a quick way to learn about the inventory, too. And the puzzles themselves are fairly nice and straightforward, with understandable solutions and the necessary hints abound... that is, if you can find the hints and the game decides that your solution is valid. You will plainly see several times that I input the valid combination to the clock puzzle without getting any reaction, leading me to think I misinterpreted the clue until it randomly decided to work... as well as the chess game which had several bugs, including giving me a "You can solve this now" message when I only had two pieces, and being entirely too finicky with the placement of the pieces. Again, you can plainly see me end up winning by wiggling a pawn around until it decides it's precise enough. And finally, for the shapes puzzle... I ended up bruteforcing it, because I frankly have absolutely no idea where on Earth that clue was  - or how I unlcoked the bookcase leading up there given I couldn't get the book placement to work the way I thought it would.

With all that said, I do like the puzzles in and of themselves, and what few scares that appear are quite effective - there just aren't quite enough of them. I am not asking for a jumpscare every room (heavens no), but walking around a house where "scares" amount to two scripted events and the occasional evil noise that comes from seemingly nowhere gets stale after a little while. Although I do appreciate that you aren't trying to solve puzzles while a monster is chasing you or anything of the sort. After a while, you just kind of end up walking around a house more than being trapped in a spooky place.

But all the same - atmosphere is thick, and you definitely do get curious as to where the heck things are going. With some fixes to make puzzles more responsive, some clue locations a bit more intuitive, an extra scare here and there (and a bit of correction on the english text), this could go some pretty cool places. I see an update or two has been uploaded since I played, so who knows, you might have already fixed some of these.

 Despite some frustration with puzzles that wouldn't register as solved - I had fun! Keep it up!

I played the demo for this a while back and rather enjoyed it! 

I have a few other things on my plate before getting around to playing this one, but I do plan to. Do you have an estimate on how long the game my take to beat, by any chance?

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So first off - this is brilliantly scary. THe limited field of vision, the core concepts, the many questsions it asks, the scares themselves... all of it great.

However, while I was aware this was an escape room, there are a few things that made the puzzle a bit more obtuse than I would have liked. It can be difficult to determine the order in which to pick the drawings, especially since the parts of the symbol only disappear when you try to open the door - which the game really gives you no indication you CAN do until you've erased the whole pentagram. It didn't even occur to me to try until a second playthrough.

I am also fairly sure there was one run where the ghost attacked me in literally less than half the time than any of the others. Wether this is a bug or something I triggered, I dunno, but having to go through the first few triggered scares every time you wanna retry very quickly turns excellent spooks into an unberaable chore, with the fear coming more from the notion of having to do it all again than of the ghost.

Still, do not get me wrong - I LOVE this game and the core idea and everything. I just felt incredibly frustrated by the end)

(Your video begins at 29:25)

You know. 

I almost hate to admit how actually kind of brilliant this is.

Great buildup, great scare, great premise, all told in the span of like three minutes. Good show.

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(Your game is the first in the video)

Well this was certainly a disturbing little romp. 

I adore the visual style you have going here, the lack of music, and the absolute lack of any actual "scares" aside from the situation and the context clues lying around (this is the first time I've included a content warning simply due to implications). So congrats on that.

My main issue here lies with the puzzles. Now, in an of themselves, the puzzles and the clues are fine, everything you need to solve it is there... somewhere. But I do feel like some of it is a bit obtuse. I ended up bruteforcing the lock when I had 3 out of 4 symbols figured out, because I simply could not for the life of me remember or find where on Earth I had seen the supposed fourth one. And even then, one of the symbols (behind the closet) I found by complete accident more than by exploring.

Similarly, and this is just as much my own fault for having a tendency to overthink puzzles (I blame Silent Hill), the portrait puzzle seemed to send me on wild goose chases. While I get that the word on the fridge and the color of one letter isj ust supposed to lead your mind to the portraits themselves, they made me think they were referring to th ORDER the frames had to go in - rather than just do the logical thing immediately and put them in chronological order. I feel like it could be a little clearer which clues are actually... clues, here and there. But again, this is most likely more my own fault than yours.

Aside from that, and the lack of a "real" ending aside from a white scren, this was an excellently spooky performance wrapped in a wonderful art style. Great work.

Found this game a little bit ago and finally gave it a whack.

A simple, spooky little story (despite one moment I couldn't help but chortle at) that does its job wonderfully. The art style is oddly fitting for it, gangly and unnerving while still being bright and pretty.

If anything, maybe simplify the menu for such a short experience. The moment I saw the player menu, I thought it was going to be a much, much longer and more complicated affair. I understand this is likely made in an engine for this type of game, but just seems like that minor part could be streamlined.

That's hardly a big complaint, however, just a little thing I noticed. Wonderful game!

The criticism mainly comes from being so intrigued I want to get ot the next part, so really it's a compliment to the rest of the game.
Still, spending several minutes walking around in circles in one room may be a short break in a game that lasts many hours, but in a game that effectively lasts 10 minutes, it can make things feel like they are coming to a bit of a halt.
But don't misunderstand me, it's a very minor gripe at worst.

(Your game begins at 32:04)

Hoo, I seem to be playing quite a few cryptic games lately.

Often when a game goes more cryptic, I find myself desiring just a bit more context to at least be able to make my own conclusions, but the lack of any real answers to what is going on here was actually very effective. Less effective was the photos themselves - while they make for a good teaser of what to come, I found it rather difficult to find and recognize the things they portrayed after the first one, and I saw no real indication of the gates being open until I just randomly noticed after walking around confused for a while. Some of the fault for that is my own, I realize, but giving some hint that a new area has opened up would be appreciated.

But that's about all the criticism I have for this - it's a hell of a spooky experience, and was really fun to play. Great work.

(Your game starts at 20:05)

Well now, this was a delight... once I actually got out of the room the game starts in.

For a brilliantly spooky little experience as this is, there is just a slight problem with the otherwise svery stylistic low-poly graphics - they make it pretty difficult to figure out what you can interact with, and it actually took me a litle while to realize there was even a door at all in the room you start out in. That's somewhat my fault too, but at least adding a handle or a more distinct door frame would have saved a lot of trouble.

The spooky jorurney itself is great though, aside from the obligatory maze that I must admit I was never a fan of, but it was still more managable than many other cases I have encountered. One or two more subtle hints on the direction to go could really have streamlined the experience and made the route to the (intriguingly cryptic!) ending much smoother.

Either way, I was wonderfully spooked and enjoyed the playthrough a lot.

(Your game starts at 10:28)

Well holy crap, now this was quite the little spooker. 

They say horror is turning the mundane into danger, and doing something as simple as texting a friend turning into this weirdo scenario is definitely effective. There are parts of me that feel as if the fish-eye view and filter might be just slightly overkill, but it no doubt adds a lot to the atmosphere.

There are also times where, for as much as I appreciate the realism in having to wait for the texts, it takes just a few seconds too long for a new one to pop up with nothing really happening during. It kind of takes a little bit of the tension away at times - but that is a very minor nitpick from a surpemely spooky little experience. Great work.

Hey hey - I happened to play this as part of an "X Scary Games" video - if you are interested in seeing it, it's the first game in the video.

A for the game itself, let me say some positives right out of the gate: I genuinely adore the setting and the basic idea. For all the horror games out there, it's surprising that there aren't many about spiders, and the thought of being alone in an empty office building with giant spiders coming for you is really damn fun. It's certainly unique, and the first glimpse of one scurrying by in the background is really effective.

However, the game as a whole is really rough around the edges. From a not very believable walk cycle to a bit of forced area locking through key cards whose placements don't make sense, it doesn't pack much of a punch. And for a game about Spiders, I am really confused about the inclusion of some weird goblin-esque creature as well, especially when there is no context for it. It would have been  really cool to see the Spider theme take over here, find webbed up coworkers, piles of eggs, etc. It just feels like a theme kind of got a bit wasted. 

The main issue is player death. There is no real clear death animation, so you just kinda suddenly get a "death" menu, and the respawn often put me in the exact spot where the monster still was, or about two steps away for it, resulting in me dying again immediately. This ends up meaning there is really no penalty for dying, or no way to feel as if you can actively avoid it.

All in all, it is a neat little experience that feels like it lacked a last round of polish and a bit more certainty on what exactly it was going for. All the same, I had fun with it, and I hope you enjoy seeing the playthrough - and of course, keep making games.

Oh man, am I ever late to the party.

I have not actually played your previous game Fran Bow, and thus has absolutely zero idea what to expect when putting this one on. But I have to say, it is IMMEDIATELY interesting and very charming, in no small part due to the absolutely gorgeous artwork. 

I will definitely keep an eye on this one for a full playthrough. What an intriguing game! Fantastic work.

Now this was really effective! 

A fairly normal-looking apartment with just enough of the creepiest noises to get one jumping. Personally I'd remove the "spooky noise" from the bathroom until something scary has ACTUALLY happened, but still, the rest was very, very solid. I enjoyed the heck out of it.

Your game begins at 08:00 in the video below (there is, sadly, a tiny bit of unforeseen mic crackle. Sorry about that.)

Hi there!

Found this game on my neverending search for fun, spooky stuff on, and gotta say, I am actually fairly impressed. It's easy for these games where you look for notes to over-narrate themselves, but this simply gave me enough context clues to let me know where things were going and dread it... and of course, the implications of the ending are good too.

A great, moody little thriller. Well done.

(Your game is the first in the video)

Oh, now this is some old school point-and-click adventure of the funnest kind. Granted, I was never the sharpest knife in the drawer with these things (as the video no doubt proves), but I instantly had a lot of fun with it. The graphics are gorgeous, all characters immediately likable, and keeping the game void of dialogue really actually does a lot to make you feel like the caveperson having to figure everything out from scratch and communicate nonverbally.

It's a delightful demo that quickly establishes the world and the style of problem solving you'll be doing ,and I can't wait to see more of it. Best of luck on this one - I wanna play the rest badly.

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I enjoyed it quite a bit ! An effective little chiller as it sends you around the house, with some choice moments. The complete lack of an ending, however, is a bit of a letdown after such a fun buildup, but its nice to play a horror game that doesn't rely on everything being pitch black 100% of the time and still delivers a few good spooks.

Hey there! I found this game and thought it looked intriguing, so I decided to play it on a little spooky game stream.

The FLeischer aesthetic is pretty well captured even in this 8-bit art style, and there are a few rather fun encounters, but while I did enjoy it I have to admit it's a little bit underwhelming to not even see the main bad guy that gets teased if you lose, or even really learning what's going on. I get this was for a Jam, but still, some manner of creepy ending screen would have made a world of difference.

Still though, a fun, cute and spooky little romp that I thoroughly enjoyed playing through.

Your game begins at 15:16

Oh, you absolute genius bastard. This was awesome.

( Your game begins at 11:30 )

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Hey hey! I took me some time to play a few spooky games I found on here, and yours is the first in the video!

I really like it. The atmosphere of the place, the creep factor of the body following you around, the sound, it's all very, very effective. I kind of saw the ending coming, but the journey was more than creepy enough for this to be VERY enjoyable! Awesome work!

Also? Love the Trash button.

Well this game is an absolute delight. An adorable character, a fun setting, tight controls (though I would argue the butt stomp is simultaneously a bit too heavy and requires too precise aiming, since I kept slamming down right IN FRONT of an enemy and then getting hurt), and just an all around great time. Can't wait to see a full release.

I did run into a hilarious bug or two, particularly with the Boss, but I'll let you discover that on your own if you ever watch this video.

I also somehow ended up wih a 91% clear rate despite 100%'ing both of the available levels after the tutorial level, and I CANNOT for the life of me figure out what I am missing and it's driving me nuts.

But still - I love the game. Please keep it up.
I pretty much HAD to play this one based on title alone. And boy am I glad I did. 

I'm not usually much of a top-down shooter / bullet hell kind of guy, but Sacrifights is every bit as fun as it is hilarious, stylish and creative, managing to create a real sense of urgency in toughening up in time for the fight, and still does so without leaving the player too confused or unprepared, as it easily could have. What a fun game. THe one addition I could imagine was some kind of database letiting you know the effects of each item after their first use so you can plan your growth and keep track of what demons you can summon, but in such a short game, it's all peanuts.

Either way, I had an absolute blast. Awesome work.


H there. Name's Esh, and I love to try and play some stuff for my videos. I happened upon your game and added it to this little video of 3 Scary Games (Yours begins at 27:33. Fair warning, the audio came out a little louder than intended).

First of all, I LOVE the narrative you have built up here. While I can imagine the mix of live-action and video game was done for convenience, it's an interesting storytelling device, and I got hooked in rather fast by the little snippets of the characters' life we see, though I could use some clarification on why we're watching VHS tapes if this still takes place in the early 2000s (and with such a gigantic TV!). It's spooky, it sneaks up on you, and it's intriguing. So great work there.

The  problem lies in the COMPLETE lack of a satisfying conclusion. Being presented with nothing but a choice that either kills you instantly or shuts off the game is incredibly unsatisfying, and having to watch all the tapes all over just to try the other option is infuriating. Even if this was more of an exercise in story telling, there has to be a carrot at the end of the stick, and an animated scene would have so much more impact after spending the game in an empty setting. 

It's a shame, cause everything leading up to that non-ending is actually pretty wonderful. I would love to see what else could be done with this.

Hey there. Name's Esh, and I try to play a lot of Gamejolt/Itch stuff on my channel. I played your game as part of a 3 Scary Games video (yours begins at 14:55).

Let me first say, I LOVE the aesthetic of this game, a strange sort of Burton/Courage the Cowardly Dog esque cartoony horror, and the scary pumpkin girl is a wonderful design, as is your logo. And the sudden spike in challenge with things as outrageous as tumbstones and buzzsaws is simultaneously hilarious and startling, so great work on that much. THe game's setting definitely immediately got me curious.

However, that's also what kind of took me out of the game itself, consdering this is a demo that is largely about menial labor.  I don't feel as if I had the game's setting introduced, and a Demo that punishes you so harshly for one misstep as to go back and repeat really monotonous tasks for a while just to get a second chance at the obstacle that got them doesn't seem to present the end result well. It just got aggravating when you'd gotten far, only to have to start over, and is why I didn't finish.

It is however VERY endearing, and I am endlessly curious about this Harvest project that I will definitely check out in the future. So please, do keep at it. I just feel as if a Demo should be a shorter, more easily completed experience than a trial and error bit of labor. But maybe that is just me. Great work.

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Hi there! I'm Esh, and I try to play a bunch of stuff from here and GameoJolt on my channel. 

I stumbled upon your game for the above video (yours is the first one played), and while I enjoyed the overall atmosphere, I do have some gripes.

The most glaring issue I can find is how cryptic the game is. Not so much in its directions as in its content. If this is as a result of being based on the Black Mirror episode, then fair, I am not familiar with the show. But that's precisely why it needs some extra context. Unless your piece is truly mindbendy and unique, having strange events be strange for the sake of being strange usually ends up more frustrating than scary.

Second, I don't know if it was a problem with my display as it appeared brighter after recording, but there is a difference between "dark" and "pitch black". There were many times I flat out could not see where to go in order to progress, which just causes irritation. But in fairness, I am unsure wether that is your game or my display, and I do apologize if the issue is on my end.

With these things out of the way, let me say that I DID very, very much enjoy the thick atmosphere the game provides, as well as the overall pixely look. It is instantly heavy and gloomy, and definitely raises a lot of questions that keep motivation going. So good job on that for certain!

What a spooky little experience.

I assume this was meant to evoke sailing down the river Styx, and each encounter was definitely interesting. I would love to see a longer version of this with more character to each individual soul, possibly having to decide for yourself wether they are friendly or antagonistic.

The one major issue here is sound. I imagine this was made for a Game Jam, but there are parts where the supposedly spooky noises are either underwhelming or sadly a bit comical.  But still, everything else is far too interesting for that to detract from the overall experience

Your game begins at 17:28

Oooh, now this is a neat little concept. 

While it's a super simple setup, with the punishment for failing being a rather simple jumpscare, you do feel some tension build as more and more holes start appearing, and he really can surprise you at times if you aren't sure where to find the next hole. So kudos on that much. I'd say I'd like there to be some sort of visible timer, and some actual endings aside from simply text boxes. You don't really feel as if the loss cost you anything, nor do you feel any relief when you survive - and having SOME sense of when the police will arrive could potentially add more suspense. Not necessarily in the form of a clock or a countdown, but maybe some environmental changes as it gets closer.

I also experienced an odd bug that basically meant that if I played replay from within the game itself upon dying, it would perform EXTREMELY sluggishly, until I exited to the main menu and started over completely.
But all in all, I'd say this was quite solid.

Your game begins at 07:42.

Well, this is certainly a glimpse into a delightfully surreal experience. I liked what I played, but I have to say, even for a demo, this is downright frustratingly short. Just as you get into the concept of diving into one strange scenario after another, it just ends right then and there. Gotta give your players a little more meat.

That said, I am VERY interested in seeing more!

(Your game is the first played in the video)

Well, since I can't stay away from RPG Maker horror games, I took a crack at your title here.

I will say that it is certainly interesting, raising a lot of questions right off the bat, and there are some deliciously odd encounters. It definitely got me curious as to what is going on altogether.

I am aware you state it is unfinished and you have lost the files, but if I have to give a few pointers:
- A few puzzles are kind of obtuse. The heart and levers, for instance, really lacked a more concise hint. I more or less just luckily bruteforced my way through it. And when it comes to the heart-liver-fingers thing, it feels like you're more or less doomed to mess up at least once since you have no clue there's even a Liver involved anywhere. I don't know who you'd go about making something like that clearer, but it did stick out to me.
- Some tile events are a little off. I spent a good while in the bedroom at first not really knowing how to progress, since I apparently had to check one SPECIFIC tile out of the two the bed filled, and I saw more than once that the character would inspect something he wasn't facing from the particular tile he stood on. Minor things, but noteworthy.

That said, I was bummed to see it end so suddenly when it had gone and gotten me curious. If you ever do plan to remake and finish this, I would certainly like to see where all of this ends up. It was intriguing to be certain.

What a tremendously spooky experience!

The Junji Ito feel has been utterly nailed, without actually having to go to the straight up gross-out party his stories usually end up in - and even without that, you have managed to create an RPG style horror game that runs on the sheer anticipation rather than a multitude of deaths like many of its kind. Wonderful work - the visual of just that open, gaping window will haunt me for a while.

At worst, I could say some puzzles could use a little tightening - the math book is unclear on whether various tenses of the word "Spiral" counts in figuring out the password, and the game seemed to make such a huge deal out of the nail puller I kept wondering when I had to use it in the climax (and as a result died a LOT trying to get different endings).

But all in all - one of the best spooks I have had in a good while. 

Hi there. I took a crack at Sabrina, due to my love for RPG Maker horror games.

First of all, it is IMMENSELY atmospheric thanks to the great sound and overall look of the house, and I adore the deliciously wicked direction the story takes, so good job there. It's definitely a good little spook-story.

But the main problem lies with the way the QTEs are implemented. They are not inherently bad, but they are entirely too unforgiving. You have next to no way of surviving the initial danger if you do not know ahead of times which buttons to press, and a latter segment requires you to find a location under time pressure, despite having had no time to explore the house beforehand - and even when you KNOW where it is, you can barely make it with more than one misstep. And this is without going over a later struggle that shows next to no indication of what the right approach is. Combining this with gigantic, mood-breaking buttom prompts kind of hampers the experience. Really, for a 30-minute story, it needs to be that slight bit more lenient.

Still, it was a fun, spooky and well-told story, desptie these minor frustrations. Just something to keep in mind for another time.

Hi there!

You sent me a link to your game a few days ago, and I'm sorry it took me a while to play it (and that when I did, I screwed up my mic a little, making the voice quality not too great, but I'd rather not re-record my blind reactions), and I actually had a fair bit of fun with it... despite what my pathetic display and mild gripes with the boss might imply.

I adore the spritework and the world itself, first and foremost. It's a pretty looking world with adorable visuals, and the little title character manages to convey both that and a bit of genuine badassery. And being able to attack in four directions is an absolute godsend. Music's good too, though I feel the sound effects need some polish, as especially the landing sound got a bit grating after a while.

And the boss, while for the most part fair, fun to fight and looking cool, does have some minor issues with a huge hitbox and one of his moves (the rising pillars) needing a slight bit more of a tell, or at least polished graphics of them sprouting. 

But really, that's all the nitpicks I can come up with. This game is adorable, and I wouldn't mind seeing it expanded sometime - though it's cool as a quick little adventure of its own.


Hi there! I have made a little Valentines Day special on my gaming channel, playing four games that somewhat fit the theme, and I gotta say I got a REAL good laugh out of Pocket Wife.

Outside of it of cousre not quite fitting the Nokia mold, int he sense that you couldn't depict some of these things in a Nokia game, it certianly has the look down, and I get a real kick out of the ridiciulously pixelated "photos" on occasion, as well as the... abrupt ways things can change. 

It's a funny little idea, that makes for a pretty funny little experience.

Your game starts at 1:09:23, if you are curious. 

Hi there!

I have made a little Valentines Day special on my gaming channel, playing four games that somewhat fit the theme, and I gotta say... this was a lot stranger (and funnier) than I thought it was.

Much of a laugh as I got out of it, I do feel like it could give some manner of hint as to where to find each character, considering it pretty much left me up to the luck of the draw based on where I went. Granted, that does tend to be somewhat normal for dating sims, but for one where the scenarios can be so potentially short (and subversive), it'd be nice to have some indication of how to reach the things you WANT on a second playthrough. I played this twice without even realizing Grace can be dated at all, for instance - which was a bit frustrating, since I didn't consider Zane or Sheldon particularly likable from their first impressions.

But once I dug deep and got to some of the funnier sides of the game, I really started to enjoy myself, and I can easily see myself playing it again to try and see where else it can all go and how much weirder things can get, so you definitely got me hooked. And the art is pretty friggin' adorable to boot. So good job!

Your game starts at 40:17, if you are curious. 

Hi there!

I have made a little Valentines Day special on my gaming channel, playing four games that somewhat fit the theme, and I gotta say.. I was not quite prepared for being almost psycho-analyzed, even if the glitchy logo tipped me off to this not being what it seemed.

I will say, I appreciate that this can go both ways, and that it is possible to break out of the bad cycle the game presents. As a perpetually dateless person, and one with some serious confidence issues myself, I can definitely recognize more than a few of the sensations this gives me - but a game that outright rewards you for thinking differently than your standard is an admirable thing indeed. And until you learn that... well it's terrifying and unpleasant, as are the issues it presents. Very nice job.

Your game starts at 17:28, if you are curious. 

Hi there!

I have made a little Valentines Day special on my gaming channel, playing four games that somewhat fit the theme, and I gotta say, this one gave me a good laugh. It's a tight little Arcade-y game with a cute as heck art style, so it has a lot going for it already.
I do feel like it could use a bit more variety a bit sooner.

Granted, I only play for about 20 minutes, but in that time, nothing really varied much in terms of layout, minigames, obstacles or goals. From what I understand reading other comments it does change a bit a bit further in, but I feel like if there were mini games than the lap dance, some other hazards to dodge and such a bit earlier, it'd keep one engaged for longer.

But in all seriousness, Club Valentines is sexy,cute and fun to play. And what more do you need?

It's the first game in the video, in case you wanna watch. Keeping an eye on this:

So this was hilarious. I REALLY don't know what else to say but that. Hilarious, and with an adorable art style to boot. Karah is a firecracker, and I wanna see more of her adventures soon.

I'm a pretty big sucker for RPG Maker horror, so I had to take a glance at this one from the title alone.

For a first "just trying to learn the program" game, you actually did really well. Sure, it's visibly a first try, but you actually do create an unsettling atmosphere through the sheer escalating oddity of the situation and little things Mama's responses to disobedience.

So good on ya - try to aim for something bigger next time! 

I played it here if you wanna see for yourself:

Took a crack at this game. It's oddly addicting and hilarious, and I do appreciate that it IS possible to get adjusted to the control scheme, if quite difficult. I didn't get far, and I did run into a couple of odd graphics glitches where the game would just launch me wit hcrazy speed the second I as much as scraped a trashcan, but it only made things funnier. Great idea!

This was deliciously strange in all the right ways. Lots of fun!