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Took a crack at this game. It's oddly addicting and hilarious, and I do appreciate that it IS possible to get adjusted to the control scheme, if quite difficult. I didn't get far, and I did run into a couple of odd graphics glitches where the game would just launch me wit hcrazy speed the second I as much as scraped a trashcan, but it only made things funnier. Great idea!

This was deliciously strange in all the right ways. Lots of fun!

Hi there! You sent me a link to this game a while back - and I am sorry it took me like three weeks to get around it. But here it is - and I enjoyed myself. To a point.

The game creates great urgency with its serious subject matter that makes it as uncomfortable as it is funny, and for the most part it is fully functional. There are however some issues with slightly slippery controls, and times where the path is unclear. I got utterly stuck on Stage 3 as my ambulance would just come to a screeching halt at what appeared to be a jump I was supposed to take, and couldn't see any other path, for instance.

I would love to see this worked more on, with a slight bit more variety between objectives - but it's a great idea for a game! Thanks for sending it to me.

Witches get a bad rep in horror. Everyone is trying to subvert them - but every now and then, someone makes the classic tropes work, proving they are classic for a reason.

Isabelle was an awesomely spooky little experience (the floating skulls bit in particular got me good). Might make for a good concept for a bigger game, considering all teh crazy things witches are known for doing.

I played it here among a ton of other games for my big Halloween event - find your time code in the video description! And thank you kindly for the experience!

What a hilarious idea and fun little action experience! That Ash puts up a fight I tells ya.

I played it as part of a big Halloween event in the video below! Find your time code in the description if you'd like to see it.

What a cool idea! I admit I was a little confused and at first tried to click everything - and also by the fact that the manual didn't seem to open no matter what I did, assuming that book on the table was the manual.

Sadly, the webcam gag, as genius as that is, didn't actually work for me. But it was still a super cool and spooky little experience that I'd love to see with varied results in the future.

I played it as part of a massive Halloween video right here, in case you want to watch. You can find your timecode in the video description.

Hi there and Happy Halloween! I played your demo among others for a big compilation video for the occasion (You can find the time code in the video description).

I love the idea of being chased by a Plague Doctor, considering how many questions it raises in the player. If anything, I just found the demo to be a bit too short! I would have loved to see a slightly longer, more complete scenario to drop a hint or two to the nature of the game rather than just geting caught, but the mood and the setting is top notch. Good work! I'd love to see where this leads.

Hello there and a Happy Halloween.

I played your game as part of a massive scary games compilation for Halloween (you can find the time code for your game specifically in the description), and I gotta say I love the idea and the style of it.  And I like to think it's a huge compliment that I actually thought you had made a much more complicated puzzle than you did when it came to the locked chest, heh!

Very cool idea. Gave me some Eternal Darkness vibes. 


What an interesting little story this is - seeming to try to capture the feeling of percieved failure under pressure.
I played it as part of my massive "10 Horror Games" halloween video (you can find the time code for your game specifically in the description). Thanks for the interesting little piece!

Happy Halloween! 
I made myself a big ol' compilation video of scary games for the occasion, and yours was among them (in fact, it's the first one in the video!)

I have never played the original Midnight Shift, but I was immediately interested upon seeing the night watchman premise, and as much as I do note in the playthrough that moving mannequins is not a new trick, it is exceedingly well done here and definitely caused a few jumps... BEFORE the game veers into getting truly bizarre. Loved it, and would love to see more.

I've spent my October playing many short horror games, old and new, and few have gotten me quite as excited as yours.

Aside from a few questionable sneak scares, Hope, Abandoned excels in tension [SPOILER]with a largely mundane threat at the end of the day[SPOILER]. I would complain about a particular puzzle, but really, ALL the clues are there. If anything, it needs a hint to where the hints are, heh. All the same, I did eventually figure it out and got a good spook out of it. Ace work right here.

Been hearing about this for a while, and finally got around to giving it a go. What an amazing experience, and what a testament to just how much can be accomplished with just how little.

All we have here is a house, a monster, and a game mechanic that forces you to attract its attention, and it's absolutely spine chilling! Great stuff, you guys!

And here we go - I've now played "Purple!" Quite an interesting little piece. I feel like I don't come across more urban style RPG Maker Horror very often - it tends to be Haunted Mansion style a la The Witch's House or Mad Father, both of which I do really enjoy, but this is a great change of pace. And I do like the artwork too.

I had actually played this under the impression it was a much shorter game than it was, but I quickly got invested enough to keep going.  There are some times where I feel like the team has sort of forgotten to view the game from the eyes of a newcomer - there are certain clues, hints and exits that are either a bit cryptic or practically require you to know the map ahead of time (a lot of exits hidden in corners or pitch black squares). Not saying "hold the player's hand" but there are times where it gets really tedious to try and figure out something that was probably blindingly obvious to those writing, programming and testing it a hundred times. But all that aside, I VERY much enjoyed its atmosphere, characters and visuals. Great stuff.

Here's my longplay: I did sadly get a bad ending, and from a brief look at your spoiler free walkthrough, it seems as if the good ending requires some extremely specific steps that you would have no way of knowing how to get on your own, which I am not too find of myself. All the same, I'll most likely try to get the other two endings later and do a followup video seeing those. 

I very much enjoyed this, and I hope to see more spooky stuff from you in the future.

Hey there! 

I absolutely loved the first Midnight Scenes when I played it a year ago for a big Halloween "five scary games in one video" thing, and I was so super lucky to find out the sequel was out on practically the same day as I decided to play more short games for the rest of October.

I ran into a very weird glitch in the very beginning where it wouldn't let me pass the first line of dialogue, no matter what I clicked or pressed, but a quick reset fixed that, thankfully. 

Either way, I love the improvements to the TV Show aesthetic, from the slight screen curve to the sponsored message at the beginning to, well, literally everything.  I would LOVE to see a full "season" of sorts for this of a handful of episodes, similar to Stories Untold. I think it deserves it-

If you're interested, please watch my playthrough, and I'll be sure to tune in for the next installment.