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(Your game begins at 47:44)

The idea behind Hidden Gatewatch is super cool - especially given the last reveal of the story's perspective flip. There's a lot of atmosphere in just being stuck in your barren little office and just seeing or hearing something a bit off on occasion. So that's very cool.

I do feel like the one main "jumpscare" comes kind of out of nowhere and makes little sense in context, and one or two more actual "events" during playtime wouldn't hurt to make it feel less barren. Still, it's a creative entry!

(Your game begins at 0:33:36)

Drifter had a delightfully mean and at times surreal take on the prompt. These are truly "alien" creatures you see and interact with, and I do like the sheer catharsis of the choice made by the end.

The game, however, is largely just dialogue with a wee bit of movement. This is understandable for a Jam game, naturally, but for such a cool idea, it'd be a lot more fun to actually get to ACTIVELY get some justice for what has been going on for you.

Still, I liked the idea of involving some kind of evil shadow government / alien cult in this. Very cool stuff and very distinct.

(Your game begins at 8:55)

Night Lights is one of the more unique takes on the promt of the games I played - mainly in its sympathies ,which definitely makes it interesting. And mostly interacting with an alien vehicle rather than a creature does make things feel extra overworldly. There's a lot of cool here!

...but I do feel like the game is a slight bit big and slow, and takes  bit too long to just let you run in a random direction in the woods before you actually find anything that points you towards a plot. A bit of tightening to get you to the story faster, and this would be extra delightful!

(Your game is first in the video)

So, first things first - I love the idea, I love the design of the aliens. It's fun, fast-paced and a lovely cartoony take on the prompt.

That said... I have NO idea what to do to win or get other endings. I saved the cows almost instantly on every run and blasted at the spaceship forever, with it giving me no indication of wether I was anything near close to defeating it - basically just running around headlessly until the game decided I got abducted.

It's a shame, cause everything else about it so charming, I really wanted to keep going. Some touch-ups, and this would be great!

(Your game begins at 43:09)

Now this - this was the classic alien abduction story done terrifyingly right.

There's a lot of ways to go with tropes that are now so classic they are considered goofy. One is to try and reinvent them entirely... another is to try and portray them as straight as possible and look for the fear in it. You did this wonderfully with Missing Time.

Fractured memories. Shambling around a dark house. The warped narrator voice. The glimpses you catch. All of it makes for en engaging abduction story, and one of the best told in the jam.

The main issue I find is with character movement - the headbop is so fast and frantic it's downright ridiculous, as is the character's speed for running around in such a small house, and it just ended up making otherwise scary moments comical.

But that said - great take on the idea.

(Your game begins at 22:26)

So, this is actually really really damn cool. Using the classical look of the Flatwoods monster, putting you in a constantly warping house... all the ideas are great, and it all LOOKS awesome.

However, to be brutally honest, the gameplay just ended up being flat out frustrating more than anything. Enemies constantly sneak up on you from the back, and you are basically just running around headlessly hoping you are lucky enough to have a Shambler trap, since those guys especially get annoying. 

My victory at the end was little more than pure luck of running into enough Material to enter the portal once I stumbled across it. it didn't feel like a fight. It felt like a fluke.

But with that said, if that was ironed out, this could be an AMAZING randomized horror experience! So please, it would be awesome to see you work more on this. Flatwoods could easily be great!

(Your game begins at 11:56)

Now that is a hell of a creative take on the prompt. Take the Extra-terrestrial and make it little more than whimsical window dressing for something far more mundane... and way worse.

It's not super scary exactly, but it is certainly one of the most unique games in the jam just from the base idea - and big props to your narrator, who gives this a lot of fun energy right out of the gate. Good stuff!

(Your game is the first featured in the video)

Now that was a fun idea. I absolutely love the design of the alien zombie chickens! They just look the right mix of hilarious and genuinely monstrous.

The main thing missing from this to make it a really damn fun time is to add some more punch to shooting the chickens - they need to fly off with a big ol' bang! And possibly, a final boss fight against the giant chicken.

I know it's a Jam game, but if you DO decide to polish and expand it a bit, I feel like these things would be just amazing.

...that and fixing up the frankly bizarre glitch I got at the end, heh.

But seriously, this was tons of fun!

(Your game 32:27)

Well, sorry for sticking outside of the intended audience, I guess?

Either way - Caught by a Spider is a pretty fun little game. Spider herself has a lovely design, and the invisible "hearts" system determining the ending is quite interesting - as is the ambiguity as to wether or not she truly is a spider, or it's all in your head. Interesting stuff!

(Your game begins at 18:51) 

A fun little romp, this one! While obviously nowhere near as polished as Meliisa (which I adored back when I played it, by the way), Petya manages to be funny, silly and just briefly, a bit intimidating. Good stuff"! Can't wait for Date Time to be complete!

(Your game is first in the video)

Certainly an interesting take on the whole Yandere Visual Novel sim - the notion that the specific nature of the "date" and of Kira herself seems to change depending on your behavior is quite interesting!

From one killer clown tl the other, after Terror at Oakheart I had to try Massacre at the Mirage. 

Let me say, I immediately love a lot of things about it, particularly the theater setting itself. The slasher movie posters, the Halloween decorations, all of it is great and a perfect slasher location. Like I keep saying int he video, I just wanna live there. And it's a nice touch to get to play as each character getting killed instead of exclusively getting a scare by finding their corpses. 

That said, knowing this is a demo, there is definitely some polishing to do. At the moment, blood looks more like jello, there's some awkward transitions to moments of action, and the voice acting is, while entertaining, overblown enough to kind of Lilly he vibe a little. 

ONE thing I'd like to see is a bit more life and variation with the customers in the actual ticket sales bit of it. Just a slight bit of variation to their lines and personalities would make it a bit less monotonous and not feel like it drags like it kind of does at the moment. 

Massacre at the Mirage is still shaping up to be a roaring good time though, and I'm super excited to to see the rest of it! 

Oh yeah, now this is a ton of fun.

It's one thing to be playing a game where you're stuck in a car, capturing both the feeling of safety of being in a vehicle... and the trapped feeling of realizing you can't really go anywhere else once things start happening around you.

It's another one to go as cartoony, balls-to-the-wall with the Hell imagery as this game does.

No deep metaphors, no attempts at an ironic hell - fire, brimstone, chains, monsters and zombies, all there to get right in your face and make your drive a nightmare.

Sometimes it's nice to see something that is as unapologetic as this is. And I loved every second of it. Great work!

What a cool little game!

It definitely gives Inscryption vibes, and the base tension of Russian Roulette lends itself way to a game of chance like this.

Some of the randomizing of items do seem to be a little lopsided sometimes,though. I feel like I had a few rounds where the AI constantly got cigarettes or spyglasses and I got nothing but handcuffs, but oh well. It IS a game of chance, after all.

I appreciate that things are kept mysterious. Just you, this weird creature, a shotgun and the game. Great work!

This one was fun! I like seeing a Puppet Combo esque game where there is a bit more surrealism and method to the villain in question, and I particularly enjoyed the various ghosts sad backstories.

I did run into some issues, like the Inquisitor getting stuck in place resulting in me hearing the danger music forever, as well as him kind of just meandering around and being more annoying to shake off than he should be. 

It could stand a little polish in terms of transitions from scene to scene, location to location, gameplay to cutscene, as it is a bit sudden and jarring - but that also kind of brings to mind the kind of messy Italian horror movies the game seems based on, so perhaps this is a stylistic choice. 

Either way, I did enjoy myself a lot playing this strange, spooky little game. Good work! 

Took me a little longer than intended to get around to this one, but I am very glad I did.

I rather enjoy RPG Maker horror, and this was certainly one with a very unique setting, that interested me quite a bit. And without giving too much away spoiler-wise, I was very happy to see that a Restaurant-themed horror story did not go the obvious route that so many of them do. Well, sort of. But with a bit of a twist I highly appreciated.

The actual restaurant managment minigame is a little odd. I do enjoy playing it, but I actually didn't notice much different from the accessories, and raising customer patience basically meant I never had to try and use any of the others. And every time, I ended up going over time with no consequence. I'm a little bewildered as to how that works, and maybe it could use a bit of a workover. The idea is good, it just kind of felt like I Was forced to take five-minute breaks between the story more than anything else.

And I do wish more things happened in the apartment - stuff through the window, a few more hints as to the full story, etc. Just to keep it varied.

That said, Dead Plate and all of its endings entertained me thoroughly throughout, and we have quite a lovely art style and intense villain to work with - all the stuff a good RPG horror game needs. Highly recommend this one!

So, as far as a Demo goes, this is pretty charming.

I adore the title card, the overall cheesiness of the premise and its scares, and a few moments are rather inspired (like the camera suddenly flashing after you find certain things). So far, the puzzles themselves are pretty simple, and the Demo doesn't show THAT much, but just enough to get you curious...

...until the ending. Personally, I find it far more intriguing when a Demo ends on a higher note. A strong visual, or a story development at the very least. And simply descending into a dark basement doesn't really do that. It just kind of deflates the experience so far, at least to me.

But still, this is just a demo, and you've definitely made me thirsty for more. Good job!

Good lord, now that got intense.

Even if this is a quick game, even if it takes place in a house I have seen in several other horror games, even if it is not necessarily original, the tension is immediately high and the jumpscares are highly effective.

And I do appreciate that, once pushed far enough, we finally have a protagonist who arms themselves, rather than succumb to the usual hide and seek fare. No dice with this one!

The real main caveat to this game is the text intro and outro. I get you just wanna get to the action of the game, but they are written to dryly and matter-of-factly, that they feel anticlimactic rather than tension building or sad as they are supposed to. Like they were slapped on as an afterthought. A rewrite and slight tweaking of the wording would do wonders, if there isn't going to be some kind of ending or beginning graphic.

That said, Fatal Midnight was a blast. I wholle enjoyed it.

(Your game starts at 14:14)

This was a great ol' time. It's completely ridiculous, lots of fun and super fast-paced and manic, just like you would want a christmas horror shooter to be.
I kind of wanted at least a little more context - like was Santa poisoned, and if so, why? And what was he actually shooting at the whole time or was the literal entire thing in his head? Just a little bit of clarification on that would be nice.

But still, it was a blast to gun my way through snowmen, presents, nutcrackers and rocking horses for Christmas. Good work!

(Your game is featured first in this video)

Ah, Killer Santa. It's just not Christmas without at least a few of these.

Satan Claus is pretty fun. Clearly aware that the idea has been done a lot, it decides to just have a little fun. Well constructed and with a few funny additions, it becomes an enjoyable little romp.

The two major things that held it back a bit for me was the Santa's tendency to meander about and constantly walk back into a room right when you were doing something, not to mention having to restart from the beginning every time you got hurt. Well, that and a minor bug getting me stuck one time.

Still, fun little game over all. I sure enjoyed it.

((Your game begins at 22:27))

Now this, this was genuinely kind of freaky.

Not even the killer himself, but the whole situation that surrounds him. The very idea of a killer being so prolific, so on schedule and so unstoppable that a whole town has set safety measures in place is quite scary, and then finding that you STILL aren't safe enhances it.

And the strange transitional moments between scenes... I am unclear on what they mean ,but they certainly serve the surreal feeling of the game well, and put me on edge before things even began. Great work!

((Your game begins at 12:30))

Well this was interesting. There's a lot to infer from the information given, and I love the tension of there visibly being a monster in the apartment that just.... exists and never attacks you. THAT part is very cool.

The main gripe here is the two evil creatures staring at you while you are in the kitchen. They are just entirely too goofy and too cartoonishly-evil-looking to really fit with the resto f the game's surreal mood. New models for those would do wonders

That said, this was still fairly interesting. Good work!

((Your game begins at 04:29))

So, I have to admit that I usually have low patience for joke/meme games, and I guess I hadn't quite picked up on that being what this was.

Personally, I find the idea of skinwalker Santa to be genuinely creepy, and the voice and mannerisms of the creature do lead to some unease that I rather appreciated. It's the more overt jokiness of the endings and certain choices of sound effects that really kind of drags it down, cause that litle bit of creepiness with the inherent hilarity of the obviously-fake-Santa kind of did plentyo f the work, as far as I am concerned.

That said - Basket Brandon is now my new best friend and I thank you for introducing me to such a magnificent creature.

((Your game is the first featured in the video))

Well this was... surprising. 

A short shooter that survives largely on its surreal visual style, it is a quick but rather fun romp for the sheer "what-the-hell"-factor it provides. I do wish it was a little clearer on how to advance at first. I would never guess to shoot at a dead guy on the floor. But it was VERY fun.

(Your game begins at 30:47)

Okay, well, this got a lot more complex than I imagined.

Not so much in terms of the actual gameplay, that was about what I was expecting. What i was NOT expecting was for the random evil snowman game to actually end up having a rather high-concept plot with a bit of a paranoia-inducing ending, and some genuinely freaky moments.

It does get as goofy as Snowman horror can get, and I believe it could stand an updated UI and presentation of its dialogue, but still - as far as a quick Christmas spooky game goes, this is a real good one. Great work!

(Your game starts at 21:19)

What a hilarious little jaunt this is, going exactly where I expect - with the bonus surprise of who the victim is. Nice to see that for a change!

Good fun, this one.

(Your game begins at 12:21)

Having played all your games so far, and deeply enjoyed both the Mr. Hopps series and your last Christmas game Cold Case, this was an exciting thing to find here on

And it starts out great! You walk around just long enough to get on edge with nothing happening, and then the Snowglobe provides some fantastic tension... and then it becomes yet another "find all the items without getting killed" game.

It's probably just me who isn't a big fan of those, but with the monster's path and your starting point, I found it near impossible to actually sneak around, and ended up just bruteforcing it since the game (mercifully) saves the runes you find between attempts. It would be nice if there was more of a feeling of a chance that you can sneak around. But I realize this was likely done quickly and meant to be perfectly simple.

But aside from a little bit of annoyance with a gameplay style I was never too big on, this is still delightful - your visual style is great, and the monster is delightfully freaky. Good stuff!

(Your game is the first featured in the video)

Well. That was certainly quite a Christmas Eve.

I do adore the graphical style and the sheer what-the-hell of the house and all of its residents. My main gripe is it being kind of unclear how to do certain things, with a goal like "turn on the christmas lights" not really communicating "go downstairs and look for a switch", but that's about it. Super solid work otherwise!

This was a super fun little Christmas Shooter!

Light on the actual scares considering little more happens than being assaulted by Christmas Tree Dudes, but I will say I am impressed with how neatly packed the game is. A set of clear locations that are easy to remember where to find despite the maze, very clear cut instructions on where to go and when, and a just-right balance of ammo and enemies to leave you thinking "I am hurting for ammo" without ending up feeling like you'll get screwed over. Just a great time.

My one major gripe is the lack of a real payoff - no real climax or final fight or anything - just holding down a mouse button and then you win. It could have stood to at least have a bit of an ending cinematic or something to give you a pat on the back and a sense of completion, I feel.

But still, Night of the X-Mas Trees was a ton of fun!

Hello! Took a moment to feature your game in this big ol' Halloween video of mine. Your game begins at 1:33:45


Now this right here is what I call pure, dumb horror FUN.

You get a gun. There are rat creatures. Kill the rat creatures. That is it, and it's a blast in all its over-the-top-violence. 

I am a bit confused about losing my ammo every time a new area loads, and I do feel like some directions aren't well communicated - starting the player going through the entrance, then dumping them with their backs to a key they need, that opens rooms further back in the office is a bit strange, and it took me a while to figure out how to go anywhere.

Similarly, there is little to tell you to try and interact with the valve or the panel afterwards when you get to the boss, and that too took me acouple of attempts before I even realized it was an option.

But beside of these few communication errors from Dev to Player, Ratribution is good, explosive, goofy horror goodtimes. A perfect game to end this video on! Good work!

Hello! Took a moment to feature your game in this big ol' Halloween video of mine. Your game begins at 1:23:04

Now this is just a brilliant idea for a game.

There are few things in real life that can drive me more nuts than when people just WILL NOT MOVE out of the way when you are trying to go somewhere in a hurry. The way everyone else has all the time in the world while you need to get moving and they just seem to deliberately get in your way... yeah, captured that real well. And combining it with a desperate hide-and-seek-chase game is kind of brilliant.

It is absolutely paranoia-inducing, and I sincerely hope you will expand on this - because God knows I wanna know what is in that briefcase.

Great work! 

Hello! Took a moment to feature your game in this big ol' Halloween video of mine. Your game begins at 1:06:47

Now this is a delightful idea for a game.

It feel voyeristic, and the few moments you look away from the windows to make room for an upcoming scare or something having changed make for a delightful little experience - even if the ending is somewhat predictable at about the halfway point.

There is one matter of suspension of disbelief, though - why does the window cleaner not LEAVE? They see more than enough evidence that this will be dangerous long, long before even getting close to the top, and at least having some inner monologue adressing it or finding some excuse to keep them there and keep them working would work wonders.

But still - it's a fun idea set up well. Loved it!

Hello! Took a moment to feature your game in this big ol' Halloween video of mine. Your game begins at 56:21

I've played a handful of "walk for five minutes till the jumpscare happens" games, but Something in the Well does it... well. Just little moments like getting to see your dog be normal once, then freaked out and then GONE does a lot of work in making you invested, even if you dont actually interact with it much. And I can't deny the monster is freaky.

The real delight comes with finding the Dog Statues though. Should I go ahead and assume that ending was a deliberate Silent Hill shoutout?

Really solid work!

Hello! Took a moment to feature your game in this big ol' Halloween video of mine. Your game begins at 43:33

Well. Talk about being completely bizarre.

I dont know how to feel about some of the more obviously-jokey parts of this game - like the fact that you specifically feed the creature cheese, or the "secret disco" ending.

You actually have something genuinely strange and a bit uneasy here, what with a creature luring a child into feeding it, and I feel these deliberately silly moments work against it more than help it. Lupin is an interesting creature, and I'd like to see him in his full menace.

Still, great monster design and some truly bizarre moments made this a joy.

Hello! Took a moment to feature your game in this big ol' Halloween video of mine. Your game begins at 31:06

What a unique little premise for a game! 

I will say that while being chased by angry dogs in a building is a really cool (and occasionally very startling) idea, and that you pull a couple of deliciously mean tricks, one major issue is not really leading you to where you need to go. There's a LOT of doors that will not open and a lot of meaningless hallways, and it actually took me a while to find the last 5K simply because I was unsure where it wanted me to go get them

On top of that... the dog-people really do need a redesign, as the Mars Attacks!-esque plastering of a human head on them comes across as cartoony rather than upsetting. And I do feel the game needs some kind of payoff rather than just reaching the end of a hallway.

Aside from those gripes though, I greatly enjoyed Night People, and found myself well spooked a few times. Well done!

Hello! Took a moment to feature your game in this big ol' Halloween video of mine. Your game begins at 22:01

Mimic is a deeply surreal little experience, and I must admit that usually, I have a bit of trouble with games that (appear to try and be) strange for the sake of strangeness.

But Mimic doesn't really do that outside of its bizarre art style. It is by all accounts pretty straightforward, but still just so bizarre and unusual that it does put you on edge. Lovely work here!

Hello! Took a moment to feature your game in this big ol' Halloween video of mine. Your game begins at 12:39

A simple little game this one, but certainly one that has a very cool looking antagonist and a genuinely shocking little ending.

Mostly, I just find the process of having to look for five keys to get downstairs a little forced. I get that it is to make the player fully explore, but perhaps something else could be done to lead them around before taking them down there?

Eithe way, still absolutely worth a play, and a title I enjoyed!