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Damn got myself to Phase05 i think ? Scr:0890. Addicting! Altough i would actually prefer some music, why not some calm music in the background for contrast :D  I could easily create one for you if to continue with this simple shooter.

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The reason is ... I know to code, pixel art (I have my days), but music, I don't know a good & simple tool to make chiptune. I'm not sure if I'm gonna continue with this one. What I might do, is tweak a few things and make a sequel with android port. Or just remake it, also with an android port. For the remake I would probably change art, make it a bit less gb like. I would totally accept you making music for my game, but I really don't have enough money to be paying  anyone right now, therefore I can't accept it! But thanks, perhaps in the future we can team up and make something that reaches people!


I understand! Well let me know! I can make the music or free, no worries :)!

Sure, I will!