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I'm just checking out the game before buying it, since you are so kind as to provide the ability to download it first. I'm only about 5-10 minutes into it, and I am experiencing a kind of game breaking bug. 

On entering the settings menu, there is no way to exit back to the game. There is no visible "exit", "ok" or similar button, and the Android "back" button also does nothing. 

I am using a Motorola e5, with Android 8.0.0, if that helps.

Obviously you may have other things on your plate than one person's bug, but I figured it was better to tell you than to just toss or the game without trying a bit more to play it.

Thats very strange, i'm fairly certain there should be a button for it. At least in more up to date builds. At the moment updates to The Couch are a ways off until i can rebuild some features since we lost our programmer (They got scammed for $8k and needed to find a normal job). I'll look into this once it's feasible for me to do those updates. 

Sorry your programmer is having a tough time. Obviously that is more important.

I did look at the html 5 version on desktop, and that made it clear that the issue on Android is just one of screen proportions. On my phone it turns out that the top and bottom of the app's screen are cut off because my phone is too 'widescreen', so the button in question is there, just offscreen. That should be easy enough to fix whenever work resumes. Until then I'll figure out how to subscribe/watch for updates. Cheers!

Yeah for some reason it seems newer versions of android handle screen resolution differently, apparently newer versions of Unity work  but yeah.

Some progess has been made remaking the systems in Our Apartment, so i hope to return to The Couch soon.