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Sorry your programmer is having a tough time. Obviously that is more important.

I did look at the html 5 version on desktop, and that made it clear that the issue on Android is just one of screen proportions. On my phone it turns out that the top and bottom of the app's screen are cut off because my phone is too 'widescreen', so the button in question is there, just offscreen. That should be easy enough to fix whenever work resumes. Until then I'll figure out how to subscribe/watch for updates. Cheers!

I'm just checking out the game before buying it, since you are so kind as to provide the ability to download it first. I'm only about 5-10 minutes into it, and I am experiencing a kind of game breaking bug. 

On entering the settings menu, there is no way to exit back to the game. There is no visible "exit", "ok" or similar button, and the Android "back" button also does nothing. 

I am using a Motorola e5, with Android 8.0.0, if that helps.

Obviously you may have other things on your plate than one person's bug, but I figured it was better to tell you than to just toss or the game without trying a bit more to play it.

Oh, also... obviously it's Furry, but not so much that I think it would be a deal-breaker if Furry stuff isn't your thing, as long as you enjoy cartoony things.

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I don’t tend to leave comments/reviews, but I felt I had to.

I randomly stumbled across this game, and the thumbnail was cute, so I downloaded it. While I could have some technical quibbles about the writing, and it wasn’t Great Literature, the fact is that I enjoyed the hell out of it, and played through to all of the endings in one sitting. My only real ‘complaint’ is that there wasn’t enough of it.

The art is simple but very cute and appealing, and the writing works to carry the story. The parts with feels gave me feels, and the ecchi content was hot.

I won’t give story spoilers, but the love interest is interesting, if not very fleshed out because the game was so short. I want to hug her. It’s also interesting that, unlike a lot of porn of various sorts, elements of her personality actually made the usual rather abrupt sexy times make sense, and not in a boring “she’s an insatiable horndog” way.

It was pretty short… but as someone who creates content myself, I appreciate how much effort on the back-end goes into even something that doesn’t seem like it has too much content.

So yeah, fluffy but interesting, with feels *and*nice sexy times. I’m going to go back and pay for it, and check out the creator’s other stuff. A shame most of it isn’t on android, because I really prefer VNs on handheld.

Numerical ratings are stupid, so I give it “rhubarb out of 5 stars”

Edit: I just saw that I can actually rate the game, so I'll copypasta this to there