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Some people have given feedback on this, I think the best solution is a mouse speed adjustment slider as this is likely a result of differences in mouse speed setting. 

This may depend on android version as android versions below 4.4 are not supported. What version are you on?

I'm sorry, proper emotions through dialogue will be in the future release, but we hit a snag with our programmer thanks to them getting screwed over by a client. There should be an option to give temporary expressions through the dialogue menu! (The speach bubble icon)

I haven't seen other reports of this, normally builds don't do that...what windows version?

Well nearly 15000 downloads and no issues from anyone :D

It's safe lol.

On what platform?

i'm trying to keep it in the form of an update, i've kind of bungled previous releases. donation builds have a better formatting so they should simply update. 

But in the future i need to setup the butler system, but at the moment i don't properly understand how to use it...

ah OK, sorry this is an issue with newer curved and "notch", phones. We'll so our best to fix it soon!

too large or too small?

They're in donation and patron builds! Won't be in public builds until the story release is complete!

Yes, I'm aware of this problem, look forward to a build update at the end of the month!

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See or download the animation here!

This is an animation preview of what we're capable of for a full 3D project modeled after the features used in The Couch and expanding upon them. This project will go full speed once The Couch is complete.  But for now, we'll just be releasing Animations occasionally like the first in this one. 

Above Is a comparison of the Windows and web/mobile platforms!

Future versions will have further improved visuals as there's still some early shader development in these builds. 



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Some of the features aren't added yet, next public release will have a proper story and additional content locked away or unfinished here. 

Can you please let me know your platform and OS version?

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That will be more apparent in future versions, we consider it a bit of a puzzle game cause of dialogue navigation and character interaction leading to different endings.  It's mostly H sim.

Also sorry for missing this reply, the site did not give notifications. 

Please tell me your android phone and version! 

Also sorry i missed your reply, the website did not give me notification of the comment. 

So the android build does not work for you? Can you please tell me your phone and android version?

Sorry for missing these, i did not get notification that i had comments until today. 

sorry for missing this reply, can you be more specific?

This game uses the same visuals, engine, and some of the same models from the branda animation demo here. 

If you want to test performance on your PC this should prove to be a solid representation.

That's expected behavior, future builds will allow properly picking up objects with a mouse, and more hypnotism options will be coming very soon! Keep in eye out for content updates!

For now we just believed it would be fun to let you explode objects around, along with the anti-gravity apple. 

Thats the plot :3

Similar concept, but we used a different tool :D

Possibly next major public release! we have acess to a Mac to make builds for it but it's not the development platform for anyone working on this. So regular builds aren't tested on Mac. But we will do so for major releases. For now we just recommend mac users play the web builds. 

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All songs are licenced or commissioned exclusively for this game. We'll release them for download in due time! Need to make more music first. 

Its the Hypnolab VR  theme slowed down :P

Thanks for letting us know! We'll factor this into future android builds!
No you can do that here, though we are planning some stuff for people who pay here once the game is complete. 

0.1.5 was a web specific update, other updates like the recent 0.2.0 release are patron only until the "Story Release" is complete.

Audio hasn't been properly implemented yet, at least moaning, but it will come in a future update as the 0.2.0 release has laid the ground work for that.

As for the settings screen thats a strange issue, we're doing cleaning up in the project so i'll address this soon.

Rather than make people wait, heres a low key android release.

Alright i won't make people wait any longer for my issues, at least i may get some valuable feedback on how the game runs and such. 

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It's coming soon, we're redoing the touch input system, as it was zooming and other functions were not ideal for a proper release. 

If people ask for it i may release the current version making it known that the version needs a lot of work. Please let me know if you're interested in it, basically certain touch functions don't work as good as they should but it's not critical stuff anymore. So it is playable, just janky.  

No not yet, but i will say the current goal is sometime in a couple months. I recently had some IRL stuff and I need to catch up on client work and such. 

Official release for that is coming soon!

Yeah safari is web 1.0, edge on windows has a similar limit. I enabled compatibility with web 1.0 but It reduces rendering quality among other issues. But at least it works for some users XD

Browsers like chrome, firefox, and opera are web 2.0, so they work much better!

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in the web version or PC build? Please tell me OS, and if applicable, browser?

There will be multiple endings, lose will be kind of subjective.

Future builds will have balancing that makes managing the bars more difficult if you're aiming for certain endings. But the main goal will be to have both bars raised simultaneously, while also progressing through certain dialogue chains. 

Other endings will work in different ways, it's going to be designed to be replayable.

Hm, yeah i can understand this ,it sounds like the animation system is glitching for you though which is a result of clicking too many buttons.  Weren't able to implement an option to lock buttons based on previous actions to prevent this issue. Expect it to be fixed in the future!

I think they mean webgl builds, which may be possible depending on how your game is set up.