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The polygon lines are a shadow asset issue, in a soon to release version i'm no longer using that shadow asset so the issue is gone.

I've also considered adding tesselation support to prevent issues in the future tho.

Yes it says build 15 but it has the new outfit options which means it's build 16. Sorry for the confusion! DX

Refactoring is almost done and there should be a new build with new content very soon. 

Yes the donation version is available on all platforms. Do know that at the moment mobile performance is not great so it's a better purchase for a higher end phone. PC should work on just about any device though.  Next build should have massive performance improvements in general though. 

Perhaps this page should help?

you may have downloaded the wrong version? Else donation version is the only up to date version but a public update is soon once the refactoring is complete. 

There's a few bugs I intended to fix, but like i said i screwed up the build for that. But if you message me on the discord I can send an update build made right after upgrading to Unity 2019.4 but that has it's own problems just not gameplay related. 

At the moment I do not intend to sell the model, but in the future I do intend on selling a "base model" of sorts. I just haven't had time to follow through on that goal.

If I do manage to get it done you can expect it to be sold here.

I think if you want an update for mobile you'd have to redownload from the downloads page, but i do keep it updated, it's on a delayed track than windows updates though due to different needs and testing.

I don't know how to do automatic updates yet. 

Yes sorry this is my error, I meant to correct this before doing the current refactoring but i screwed up the build i planned to release and rather than roll back for a small fix i opted to just hold off on fixing it for now. 

You have the latest version! B 16 was mostly adding a wide range of new outfit options. 

I don't frequently make blog posts here, so you can read about current development on subscribestar where more posts are public.

Updates are automatic, I use butler to do this so it works with itch's native system. I also tend to make a blog post when i make a release. 

Oh wait yeah sorry i forgot about that, thats an error on my part. If you see the new outfit options like the sailor outfit you're on b16 DX

I meant to do an update to fix that but i screwed up that update by doing it after upgrading unity versions and because of the issues there i opted not to release here on itch.

Sorry for the confusion!

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No it should say 16, hm i would contact itch support maybe it was a glitch? The donation version should be available for you! :O

Hm, not sure, I've personally not interfaced with the buying side.

Check the in game title screen and see if it says Build 16 or higher. "Preview" is just what I classify the game as until I'm ready to implement the full gameplay loop. 

If in game the build under the title screen says "build 16" or higher you'll know you're on the donation version. "Preview" is just the games current classification, soon it will be classified as "demo" before simply being the full game.

You'll get updates without paying additional, and updates are automatic if you use the launcher. 

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There would have been one already but i made a mistake and have to delay it. This build was supposed to come out before i do a major update, but i screwed it up and already started on the update. 

There was a build released on subscribe star, but that release is considered "broken" because there aren o resolution controls and some other issues as a result of upgrading to Unity 2019.4. This build was mostly just fixes to some issues though, nothing new. 

As for when this big update comes out, look for it either at the end of this month or early next month. Hard to say. 

No probably not this one...not with current plans.

Yes, thats already planned, but waiting until a certain build release. 

No you'll get the update.

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I'm unsure how much the game will cost when it's done but my goal is for it to be worth at least a $20 game.

The current $5 will stay until I reach a certain milestone, then slowly increase until the games completion. It might be more or less than that $20 goal. It depends on how much I achieve. 

Even after the game's future builds may be paid only. I will continue to have free content in some form, my current plan is after the game shifts from "preview" to "demo" which would be the final free release. The free releases will be a simple "Dress-up game" so you can try out some of the new outfits and see them in some simple pose or animation loop scenes. 

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No thats an error I'll be updating shortly, You'll know it's build 16 cause you'll have the new outfit options shown in this post:

Not all scenes will have voice acting, but there will be little "blurbs" to accent those cases. The missionary scene has recorded voice lines, but they aren't implemented yet, sex sim likely won't have VA. Other smaller scenes may not have voice acting as well but thats so i can have more dialogue.

Automatic cumming is something that will be implemented, but I need to add functions around that for better control. 

Yes relationship building is the core of the games concept, I'm unsure how deep i can make it, but i really want to factor a lot of conditions and have have her react or do things in her own way.

I probably will at some point, but don't expect it soon. Part of the point of the game is to have character experiment with new things. And while i might not be a feet man, I do love me some socks. 

Yeah sorry, I don't really have  a choice :/

No paypal banned me for some reason they won't tell me, so I can't and don't want to use them anymore. 

Main thing I can confirm the final game will have compared to now is:

  • Full proper story
  • More sex sim gameplay and some additional interaction features
  • More outfits
  • More locations
  • Side story "daily life" type scenes

I have other "wants" as well,  but i dunno if I'll pull those off :P

Also yeah feedback is totally fine.

This appears to be a problem on windows 7 devices or I think mainly older CPU's where the game won't run. 

remove lib_burst_generated.dll from \Our Apartment_Data\Plugins folder. This may affect performance but should allow the game to load. 

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Yes an error on my part, and making builds for so many platforms takes so much time I simply decided to ignore it. DX

You'll know it's 16.1 because you have the new outfit options I mentioned. Sorry for the confusion!

Also as an FYI for others who might read this 16.1 is just a quick fix cause windows build came out first, but all other b16's are the same as 16.1 I'm just dumb.

I'll be releasing a test soon for using a new rendering process. please keep an eye out for it. It may make future builds viable for you as results are very promising so far. 

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Hm, GPU is quite low powered on that, i do plan to move to SRP at some point and that may help performance and compatibility. 

damn, what device?

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Yes, I plan to soon but currently I'm working on new animations while I wait for commissioned programmers to get some stuff done.

Part of it is itch web gl has a max individual file size of 100mb so i need to resolve that issue before i can do webgl. Right now unity makes a big 250mb file.

Android needs more polish

You'll get the development version, I do intend to increase the price at some point after a certain amount of story content is added, but thats like maybe a year down the line, not any time soon unless i manage a spike in development speed.

Look forward to a WebGL build in due time i think that will work on 32 bit, it should have been out sooner but I'm quite picky, sorry. 

I cannot cause modern unity does not support it. 

updates start again today fixing "Quickie" but development will be rather slow. Android build update shortly. 

Unfortunately don't expect outfit options for this game, instead check out Our Apartment which has a focus on that feature and recently just added a skirt just like that (Though plaid colored only for now). 

As for your issue in The Couch, I may improve the animations there but for now my focus is reworking systems I need so it can be finished. 

It's very likely you have hardware acceleration disabled, or do not have a GPU. 

While a soon to come newer release will accept multithreaded CPU's due to an update to unity, the current version is likely running on only a Single Core and no GPU on your browser.

Not much i can do to solve this until the new release.  this current version of the web build is over a year old. 

Project will be updated soon to version 0.3.0 to fix the "quickie" menu, and also the project has been upgraded to unity 2019.3 

I'll be working on replacing the dialogue system soon to get the endings implemented. 

i've never heard of this, Can you give me your phone model? I assume this is a screen resolution/ screensize thing which i only recently got tools to deal with.