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Thanks for trying the demo again. :)

Yeah sure.. everything can always be improved but the crouching is probably going to stay like this for now.

Not sure what you mean about the menu though.

Do you mean that there is something wrong with the inputs that cause the menu to not work correctly?

Or something similar to the previous comment here that bindings supposedly change on their own or not the way you tried to change them?

Or that inputs conflict with each other like the "down arrow is confirm" issue in the previous comment?

Or that the way it is organized can be a bit confusing?

Or the wording of the buttons is confusing?

Sorry for asking lots of questions but I really need to know more specifically what is wrong. :)

And finally, no, I don't have a realistic release date yet, the only thing I can say it: it is done when it is done.

Anyway, glad you like the update overall. :)

hey, so sorry I got so late to get back to you, had a hard week. Well; thanks for your reply. all good about the crouching :) ; regarding the menu select, looks it's about the joypad/keyboard, it was the down arrow thing, yeah, but nothing really bad. good luck and again thank you for the hard work. cheers

No problem.;)

I'm not quite sure where the down arrow issue is as this control scheme should not exist but I will look into it at some point to try and fix it.