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Nice game.

One odd thing I noticed was that even when I had 0 warriors, the events where a warrior wanted to leave their warrior life in pursuit of something else would pop up. This obviously makes no sense as I had no warrior.

Also, I noticed that warriors a bit hard to get by and die too easily. But also, they are the only absolutely non-essential as long as you have some supplies to spare. Maybe have more use for them?

And, when I tried to lose the game, the game over message states that I completed 0% of the journey, which might be a bug.

Yup there's no control whatsover on the events. You could think your resources as the ones you can spare.

There are a couple events that can only be solved with warriors. Not too many, so they might not have popped up in your run and since warriors are hard to find and mantain I didn't want to have too many events that could end your journey.

Nice catch on the 0% definitely a bug, will get it fixed for the next update
Thanks for the feedback!

You could keep a track of the resources, and make sure incompatible/non-sensible events don't occur, like the one I pointed out where I was asked to let go of a warrior to pursue some other path in life, but I didn't have any warrior whatsoever, thus making no sense.