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Another nice small Indie game.

I few suggestiosn to improving games like this: (Hopefully I don't sound too snobby)

  1. Less Relience on random events would be nice. Some games rely on minigames between events to earn resources, some rely on being able to convert resources between events, simply picking up floating boxes feels a bit lacking to me.
  2. If you're going for a full pixel aesthetic game, match the sizes of the pixels. This might be a personal jib, but I think this is what divides amatur retro-styled games and good ones. Adding Pixel art versions of the event icons could work too.
  3. Right now the resources seem to be made so  that Warriors are the most rarest, and supplies the common. A balance between these resources could make the resource balancing part of the game more engaging.

Not at all, feedback is always welcome!

I agree on relying less on random events,  but couldn't find a way to organize events so they aren't that random while still keeping every journey unique within the jam timeframe. I thought about organizing events by good, neutral and bad and give you those in a certain way so it's satisfying but still challenging. But you know, more stuff to balance and little time to do it ^^

Thank you for playing!