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This is a nice little platformer! I like how deliberate the whip is, it makes using your gun and bombs more useful. 
It would be interesting to give the bombs some more use, though. Especially in the pyramid levels, maybe there could be shortcuts or hidden rooms behind bombable blocks, like in Spelunky or Zelda. As it is now, each enemy dies in 1 hit, and there are very rarely times when you need to defeat an enemy below you. Even in your gif screenshot, you could go to the right side to avoid the snake.
I also think you need to increase the visibility of the fire traps. Those things are two small and faint. Spikes sometimes felt that way in level 1, as well, where they kind of blended into the background grass. I think they need stronger outlines.
I had a lovely time playing!


Thanks for playing and giving detailed feedback. I made the traps a bit hard to see, because I thought it would fit the theme, but I thought that some might find them too easy to miss. The bombs were a last-minute addition, basically to avoid potentially frustrating situations where you are forced to take damage or can't open a jar between tiles. Those are situations I was trying to avoid to begin with, so yeah, the bombs are rarely necessary.