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Installing Java took me back! I like your palette choices a bunch, and the UI is very clean.
I did find gameplay a little lacking, though. You may want to consider shortening the amount of stages until you can use the special movement, the game is pretty repetitive until then. You could also consider adding a hold-to-charge mechanic to your shots, to increase damage dealt. It would offer a reason to not just spam the A button, as you could decide to take out stronger enemies with one well-aimed charge shot instead.
The game has great presentation, but I wish there was more depth. I look forward to seeing what you do next!


Thanks a lot for the review! The idea of the game is to be a bit like Galaga, so I can't really implement the "hold-to-charge" mechanic. As for the special movement, the game has 18 levels in total, if I activate the special movement, before phase 8, the game will be way easier from the beginning. The idea here is to let the player understand the game and get the hold of it without the special movement. Once he is experienced enough with the normal input, comes the special movement, which must also be "mastered".   Games like these end up being repetitive. Galaga for example has a lot of levels, and it's very repetitive, because once you lose you'll have to play the same levels all over again. I'm not comparing my game to Galaga, because mine is really bad compared to it, but I believe these retro games are meant to be repetitive and to be mastered so you can beat it. Arcade games use to be like that before, but it seems that original genre is kinda lost, which's only normal, considering the evolution in the industry. What I might do, is decrease the amount of enemies on some phases, or decrease the number of phases. Also, I forgot to implement a way to get more lives and I'm not sure I'll be able to do it, before the voting ends. I really appreciate your review, thanks!