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Overall I liked the demo.  The setting seemed interesting and I like the personalization options for the MC.  I'm definately interested enough to keep up with the game and am looking forward to an extended demo with all the major characters.

I did have a couple issues with it, the biggest being that the font is kind of hard to read (particularly over the damask background).  I think that, aesthetically, both of them work for the game, but it just got hard to read (and I was only playing for about 20 minutes).  I also didn't really like how the "personality" choices (like picking a favorite value) tied to approval for particular LIs (although depending on the way stats work and how much oppertunity to raise affection with whichever LI you want to pursue it might be irrelevant in the grand scheme of things).  

Hello, thank you for your honest answer ! We heard you about the text, and we will try to add a personalisation to it. (The possibility in the setting to : change the font and the size of the text to your liking). 

For your concern, don't worry. At the end of the two common chapter (where you will also have plenty of choices to do), you will choose who you want to romance. Even if it's not the one you have the most affection with, it's not "automatic". The prologue + common chapter, just gives you a "bonus start" when you enter the real path of the romance ! 

Moreover : 

- There will be choices which only affect romances

- There is no formal link between a trait and a liking, it only depends on the situation. For example, sometime, Alienor will like the "warlord" choice, but sometime she won't. Plus, for important choices, all the characters will often speak their mind on the subject so it's rare to be surprised about who likes/dislikes it once you know them^^ 

Anyway, thank you very much for playing the demo, and for the feedback, we will make sure to release 1.7 demo with improvment from your feedback about text readability !  ♥

Thank you for the clarification about the choices.  Looking forward to the updated demo!