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hiya it me again............ i hope u don't mind lol. i did a let's play on this and can i just say i love you (am i coming on to strong?) because i don't how you come up with these hilarious ideas and characters. also those epic drawings (that helicopter so pro). anyway just wanna say your games actually make me smile. I also hope i pick the right route this time with the stalker girl i mean she made the most sense obviously with her "expert knowledge on volcano", was sort of tempted to go with the guy but don't tell Kelly that she may kill me.

Lol I don't mind people posting Let's Plays in the comments I love seeing them! Without a comment I probably wouldn't know it exists haha XD Glad you enjoy the game anyway haha!

Yeah my helicopter drawing skills have improved a little since drawing that one... (but not by much lol).

You can stop the volcano in all three routes, but the stalker girl's a good one haha. I'm not surprised you're tempted by the guy, he's pretty much the perfect man, right???

Thanks for the comment XD