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I enjoyed this game, i found it funny because of the struggle of doing certain easy task and then failing at it. it wasn't frustrating but hard enough to enjoy. The style of the game nice as well  :)

Well that was something I will never unsee with that wonderful arm animation lol and then that ending after finishing the task was a nice surprise I found that bit super fun.

Hey hope You don't mind I did a video of your game. I found the game enjoyable it was simple and nice and very silly xD , was surprise at how much jumping power these little devils had. The parents need to learn when to stop making babies they are just making it more challenging haha . 

Erm if i had to complain about anything then I felt like the bath is a little faraway and I should be able to cram 2 babies inside that wardrobe/cupboard . (but ya know that just minor things and my opinion). Anyway lovely game, love the baby with the Top hat is amazing.

well I'm not sure what just happened to 10 min of my life...was it worth it, I say yes.  This was a crazy journey with disappearing flamingo who knows everything about my doughnut. I also thought the game was creative in the sense of wtf is this world and yay I figured out this puzzle.  :)

I actually enjoyed this even though the demo is  short. Short may be the reason why i like it lol so that means i get scared  less... haha im a coward. I think the music/background noise kept me alert/scared because I kept thinking someone is there and in my head i'm just like don't look don't look xD. Anyway i think it a good experience to get a taste of what this game could be.  :)

Swear to god this game start out so innocent and easy and then bam it turned hard and it got a lil frustrating that I was screaming like a goat because of my low hp. Graphically & environmentally it beautiful but character animation is basic, which is fine because that just me being nit picky. Overall i really enjoy the game and selection of creative different weapons.

Nice little fun game with lots of cute dogs, much wow  :D and it seems everyone at the party are anti-social not just you. 

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hiya it me again............ i hope u don't mind lol. i did a let's play on this and can i just say i love you (am i coming on to strong?) because i don't how you come up with these hilarious ideas and characters. also those epic drawings (that helicopter so pro). anyway just wanna say your games actually make me smile. I also hope i pick the right route this time with the stalker girl i mean she made the most sense obviously with her "expert knowledge on volcano", was sort of tempted to go with the guy but don't tell Kelly that she may kill me.

bloody brilliant, this game is super funny that i could not stop laughing, i love all the characters and all of them are hot apart from the fat guy............but poor him, but still i want to keep going to get the one true ending but also because it funny and i enjoy reading/playing this game. Its well written in my opinion but sucks i got forced to date that one guy lol . damn wanted that mysterious person.

Anyway your super funny and hope to play more games from you <3

Ahhh the feels, that was so sweet and the art style so cute and i just want to hug them all.

The ending that i got, i wish i saw there relationship more after that but then making up your own what happens next is nice and how they lived all happy (in my mind). T_T

Time Love Space | Her Tears Were My Light - Part 1

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This game was super Hilarious. i like how you can listen to music and leave bombs as parting gifts. Awesome.