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Hi, I must say, I really like the game. It looks good, the story is nice and looks like it uses the kind of tropes I really love and the stats system is nice (though it does frustrates me in a way, mostly when I first played it, as I'm a perfectionist, but replaying it made me accept I could fail some parts of the story without it being necessarily bad for me (or the character I wanna spend time with).

I just have one problem: I'm currently trying to get every bad ending but for some reason I can't get the 3rd and 6th. Even with the guide. Serin always ends up saving me, even if, for instance, the only stat I raise for him is fire, and for me intelligence/combat. I stay far from him, don't raise charisma, don't do any mission, but I keep getting the 4th bad end... And even though I survided with Aurelius, not raising his darkness enough meant 4th death... I feel like I tried everything...

Also, just being a nitpick, the mc's position in the grimoire feel a bit uncomfortable, I'm not sure why, maybe it's the legs or the orientation of the different parts of the body.

Anyway, good luck to you

Hello! Thank you very much for playing the demo and the review! 

We will try to check again regarding the 3rd and 6th bad ending to see if they're working alright! >w< And thank you as well for the feedback for the grimoire! (Finding the right char position can be hard ; v ; )