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Hi !

I played the demo (though I should stop, some are too great and are going to kill me since I need full games that are as interesting...) and I obviously loved it.

At first I thought the art style wouldn't work for me (I might have been used to art that don't look as good, I dunno, and maybe it looked too detailed on the phone) but I was blown away when I actually saw them on my computer screen (no exaggeration, I really loved it, characters and background really do look good).

I think the only problem I had is with the teacher because of his profile that looks completely different (but I understand, profiles are quite hard and annoying too)

I enjoyed the characters, too. In particular Renan and Hyde (because of personal tastes but well, Renan is particularly funny and Hyde isn't just the quiet guy that won't talk to you. I guess Kary is interesting too, just less my type, but at least I know I can consider his route without problem)

And obviously the world an magic are just too interesting. It feels really nice, and I hope its good development isn't just in my head x) Because it really is interesting and I like how it's going. Too bad the demo didn't end in a really exciting way for me, though I still hope to see the full game.

And I forgot at first but I like Rave's personality, he's not just nice, he can be agressive and everything, which felt... surprising in some cases x) but otherwise it's nice.

One question: Will there be an hint system ?

Best of luck for the development of the game !

Hi, I must say, I really like the game. It looks good, the story is nice and looks like it uses the kind of tropes I really love and the stats system is nice (though it does frustrates me in a way, mostly when I first played it, as I'm a perfectionist, but replaying it made me accept I could fail some parts of the story without it being necessarily bad for me (or the character I wanna spend time with).

I just have one problem: I'm currently trying to get every bad ending but for some reason I can't get the 3rd and 6th. Even with the guide. Serin always ends up saving me, even if, for instance, the only stat I raise for him is fire, and for me intelligence/combat. I stay far from him, don't raise charisma, don't do any mission, but I keep getting the 4th bad end... And even though I survided with Aurelius, not raising his darkness enough meant 4th death... I feel like I tried everything...

Also, just being a nitpick, the mc's position in the grimoire feel a bit uncomfortable, I'm not sure why, maybe it's the legs or the orientation of the different parts of the body.

Anyway, good luck to you


I played the demo like three days ago and I must say, I really liked it. The atmosphere is great, you really do feel a bit lost and confused, as Nemo would be. Lien's story felt a bit empty though. With Nemo's being so full of mysteries and everything, it felt hard getting into Lien's and I mostly just wanted to go back to Nemo.

I haven't seen absolutely everything yet, but I like how choices feel like you can get events that can be very different, like when you can get locked up in the cell and you can feel it affects Nemo

Now about moving around. It's fine, but I found it hard because of the way you sometimes have to move. Mostly when you leave the staircase area but want to go to the grey/blue door. It's confusing to have to turn around and not even finding yourself in the same area you were in.

Characters seem fine, they all are a bit weird, but they're fine, I managed to find at least three I kinda liked (Elias and Yakov are great)

About the art. It looks great, but I'm disturbed by Oliver who's just anatomically weird. If it was intentional to give a fat neck and a fat belly but otherwise making him thin, great, I guess, but he's too weird for me to be able to look at him (it's mostly the neck though, really, since the face is what you look atat the most).

Sometimes necks are too long too, such as when Nemo is wet (and I think even with his new uniform). Those are just some mistakes I see and they're only disturbing because they're inconsistent (like if necks were always long, I'd be able to not think about it)

About the opening, too. I find it a bit fast. You present the characters two by two but I barely have the time to look at one and his name before they're both gone.

The menu music is great though

Otherwise I look forward to the game's development as the story seems interesting and I do hope it holds up to my expectations.

Good luck to you