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AHEM. Why is this demo so good? Tell me your ways senpai >///<. On a serious note, I really like your previous visual novels but never got around to write a frickin comment on how much I love it. Nusantara: Bermuda Triangle (after playing the demo) looks very promising. I really like the MC and the bachelors some of the moments really hit home and for that very fact was mind blowing. Except the otome (reverse harem with hot guys) part lololololol.

I got a feeling where I will cry at some point when the full once game releases just like when I was playing Nusantara:The Winged One. Btw, I'm a fan from Malaysia. Haha, so that's all from me.

I love Arya. HE's hot. Seriously. Unfortunately, with his attitude in a real life setting will make me punch him sensely but still he's hella cute.


Hi, Elly E! Thanks for visiting and dropping me a comment! >///< 

I'm really glad to hear you like the characters and looking forward to Bermuda's release ^///^ you give me too much credit though--I still have a lot to learn, especially in grammar (my proofreaders are hammering me in this part x'D). However, I'll do my best to level up every day for you and the other supporters who've been looking out for me since the beginning! *hugg

Hello to Malaysia! And yes, lol, you either love or hate Arya with his excessive swearing :'))

Hope to see you around!