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Elly E

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Holy crap. Silas is too pure for this world. Where can I get an AI like Silas. My god, this vn succeeded pulled a few heart-string from me even though I'm not crying. Damn, the bundle of cuteness will be the end of me.

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I've played this demo a several times. You know, when it the full game comes out, I'm sure it will be worth it to spend some $$$.  Anyways, dudes in glasses *swoooon* The art is very beautiful and the story plot was just downright interesting. Say no more, I need some time alone to fangirl.

Btw, batensan I appreciate your hard-work and dedication to create some wonderful visual novels. And it is very PUNny.

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I've played this visual novel earlier this year. I have to say it was a magical experience! The unconventional way of story-telling astound me.

I would like to say I am a fan of your visual novels from "Locked Heart" to this  vn "Cinderella Phenomenon" . The fairy tale theme is my cup of tea.  Man, I could see how much effort was put into this project. Every characters route were unique in their own individual light.  Waltz's good end really tear me up, damn onions making me cry. Also, Fritz's route was surprisingly well-written. Kudos to you guys :)

Lucette is me in a different dimension. Oh shush.

Anyways,  are guys planning on making a sequel for Cinderella Phenomenon?