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AHEM. Why is this demo so good? Tell me your ways senpai >///<. On a serious note, I really like your previous visual novels but never got around to write a frickin comment on how much I love it. Nusantara: Bermuda Triangle (after playing the demo) looks very promising. I really like the MC and the bachelors some of the moments really hit home and for that very fact was mind blowing. Except the otome (reverse harem with hot guys) part lololololol.

I got a feeling where I will cry at some point when the full once game releases just like when I was playing Nusantara:The Winged One. Btw, I'm a fan from Malaysia. Haha, so that's all from me.

I love Arya. HE's hot. Seriously. Unfortunately, with his attitude in a real life setting will make me punch him sensely but still he's hella cute.

How is it possible to love Owen so much? TwT. I love this game so much. Thank you making a such a good game. I'm looking forward to your future projects.


P.S: After I got the endings, my mind just drifted off the next possibility for Junia and Owen it came to a point it became ridiculous, LOL.

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Hello! Your demo is amazing! The MC is by far, a character I can truly relate too. :') Is that a good thing? Now I think about it... Anyways, I've been pondering for a while now, is the MC one of them (in terms on being a Zodiac herself) ? Seeing her fit in perfectly into the group of 'weird magical Zodiacs with trust issues' though with some kind of merit for them to act that way. 

To sum it up, I'm really looking forward to the full release. You guys have set a very ambitious expectations for this game. I wish you all the best.  ....leprechauns with lots of gold. Pfft...

I just finished playing the game yesterday XD. I can't helped but pointing out your writing was incredible! Honestly speaking this visual novel is a rare gem in this visual novel community. I love how your characters are alive to fight their own ideals and give the readers some hidden perspective of our world today (that is happening around us.) It's true every reign be it democracy or tyranical, it got their own pros and cons. It really opened up my eyes a little bit. 

I really hope more people will play this visual novel. And enjoy what I enjoy. Thanks for making this! ‹3

Wow i didn't expect the plot twist in this game.  The twins are quirky, mean and funny xD. Their blonde hair is too die for. I really mean it. The puzzle are fairly easy and quick to solve. The transition of story is smooth, need to replay after the first playthrough just too get the true/good ending really lift the mysteries on Walter's flashback.  Reminded me of Alice Mare, lol.

I have a question, did the mother act like that before their papa went sick?

By the way, great game! This game deserve to get more recognition.

I really love this VN.  It's fluffy and very light hearted to read,a nice change of pace for me. Great job! <3

Holy crap. Silas is too pure for this world. Where can I get an AI like Silas. My god, this vn succeeded pulled a few heart-string from me even though I'm not crying. Damn, the bundle of cuteness will be the end of me.

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I've played this demo a several times. You know, when it the full game comes out, I'm sure it will be worth it to spend some $$$.  Anyways, dudes in glasses *swoooon* The art is very beautiful and the story plot was just downright interesting. Say no more, I need some time alone to fangirl.

Btw, batensan I appreciate your hard-work and dedication to create some wonderful visual novels. And it is very PUNny.

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I've played this visual novel earlier this year. I have to say it was a magical experience! The unconventional way of story-telling astound me.

I would like to say I am a fan of your visual novels from "Locked Heart" to this  vn "Cinderella Phenomenon" . The fairy tale theme is my cup of tea.  Man, I could see how much effort was put into this project. Every characters route were unique in their own individual light.  Waltz's good end really tear me up, damn onions making me cry. Also, Fritz's route was surprisingly well-written. Kudos to you guys :)

Lucette is me in a different dimension. Oh shush.

Anyways,  are guys planning on making a sequel for Cinderella Phenomenon?