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It looks like you guys already know of the bugs present in the game. I have another one: the purple buttons switch state whenever a robot enters/exits its trigger, however this should not happen when there's already a robot on the button. I discovered this bug in level 7 and it seems like this is only a problem in that level.

I managed to finish all of the levels and there were a lot of well designed puzzles. However, the bugs are a big issue and really decrease my enjoyment of the game. Something else I found, was that the artstyle is kind of inconsistent. Also, the wall bouncing is quite difficult; perhaps there can be a line showing what the trajectory will be.


Hi Mika. Thank you for playing and for your feedback. Your observations are of great value as we continue to improve on the game and work towards releasing an improved more polished version in the future. Hope you will come back then and give it another try. Thank you again :)