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Nice game guys, I have an extra level:

Here's how to solve it:

  1. Move to the right
  2. Move up
  3. Move left (through portal)
  4. Move up
  5. Move to the left
  6. Move down (through portal)
  7. Move up
  8. Move right
  9. Move up (into exit)

I didn't encounter any bugs in the game, but the editor does have a few (plus some feedback):

  • The exits can not be removed (can only be removed by re-setting the map size)
  • When one blob moves into a portal and the other one dies in the same move, then the blob in the portal will be gone in the editor window (and you have to place a new one).
  • There is no option to link two portals. I guess that it works automatically, but there is also no indication of which portals are linked.
  • The exits can only be placed at the top. It would be nice if they can also be placed on the sides.
  • The created levels cannot be saved.

Ofcourse it is awesome that there is an editor.

Thank you for taking the time to give us feedback about the game as well as inform us about bugs you encountered. All games need extensive feedback and it takes the help of dedicated people like you in order for them to improve, we're really in your debt 🙂 The level editor is something we are definitely going to expand upon and we will of course take into consideration all the problems you encountered as well as implement a way to save your creations and share them right away with everyone else that plays the game. Also, if you' re up for it, we would very much like to add the level you created to the game as well.

Yeah sure, add it to the game! Did you guys found it a difficult level? I think the level is at medium difficulty.

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