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They're 15 right now 

Oh! shame :( . I'll try to find a PC to try it out! Thanks for responding! 

hello! the trailer looks amazing! would you consider uploading a MacBuild as well?

thnx :D

really cool game, :P I'd say it's kind of addictive, too

Even though we do not agree with our submission been thought of as violating rules, as I said before, we will support any final decision made about this. The points you mentioned that seem to you as violating rules weren't clearly specified about the jam, but it is a good thing that romsteady clarified that these will become rules for future jams.

When it comes to the comments I made about other participants not being polite, you can see for yourself rude comments made about us in a previous discussion, which was actually an announcement about the jam results, which, as much as our comments seem arrogant to you, seemed very pretentious to us, because they were made only after the winners were announced. And that made them seem even more about the prize pool than anything else. So let me say it once more: we could not care less about the prize pool, and we will gladly accept our disqualification if most of you feel that this is what must be done.

Now, about the game being only on the Play Store let me clarify that the only reason that we did not just upload an apk, is because I personally thought that the game would be more fun if it had leaderboard and achievements. And I'm saying this because I believe that some of you think that we did that for the ads, but this is irrelevant. Even if we submitted an apk, the game would still have ads. This is just the game we created. And if it is wrong to only upload an android build, it should also be wrong uploading only a windows build.

Also, one last thing if I may: the Download button HAS downloadable files. It is for downloading the OST of the game, in our minds a nice way to reward everyone who is kind enough to support us.

It seems I managed writing yet another extensive comment so I'll stop here. All in all, we are all very sorry that our submission created problems, but you have to understand that we also don't think that we' re in the wrong.

Hello everyone :) We've seen the conversations that were made and since one of the games in question was our game we decided to keep away from the discussions about possible manipulation. Since every creator's opinion is welcome in this discussion, we will join it if you don't mind.

We are a group of 3, and we are making games for about a year now. Actually, one of our games was in the top 20 of GMTK Jam, which we didn't even think was possible. Even though you don't have any reason to believe me, I can only say that we don't have any reason to manipulate the votes, especially for a small prize pool. All we want is for people to play our games, and hopefully to like them. The only thing we did was to share on social media the jam and ask people to leave us a rating if they want to, which we thought was ok, considering that anyone can rate games. Also, and I'm only saying this because there seems to be a lot of confusion about this, our game is FREE. Yes, it has ads and you can pay a dollar to remove them, but that is all. Whether you play with or without the ads, you are playing the same game. Paying to remove the ads does not unlock ANY additional content.

We thought that a mobile game would be just as acceptable as a browser game or a windows-mac-linux build and we just took that route because we thought our game was very fitting of the concept of mobile gaming. We didn't make a mobile game with ads to discourage anyone to play it and frankly we were very disappointed that even though we took the time to check everyone's efforts, most of you did not do the same.

Even so, we understand that for some of you this was your first jam, but if I may leave you with an advice, this behavior is not fitting with the game developers' community, and even more so with the itch community. We are all here to help each other, learn from each other and do something that we love, and if you continue to use itch, you will find out that it is a community that shows a lot of love to everyone's efforts.

We as a group have participated in quite a lot of game jams since we started working together and I think none of us has ever come across such rude behavior in the past, and I feel that this is more about the prize pool than anything else. Aside from the fact that all of us have jobs (I personally am the programmer of the group and I work professionally in the game industry, in a small indie studio with 6 people), why would we try so desperately to win a prize of 100-200$?

In the end, we will support any decision made from the hosts and the Shacknews community, and we want to thank all the people that contributed to this jam taking place. I just want to clarify that we never did anything with the intent to manipulate the rating process, and we certainly could not care less about who wins the prize money. We hope that all of you continue making games and help the game dev community grow, and if you'll have us we'd really like to see you again in the Shacknews Jam V.

we are glad :D !!

:O hehe well, we've never though about the dreams part, although , 

we wish you best best of luck in realising your dreams... 'cause our hero 

can't really find his :P

In what way? 🙄

Ι like it, because moving the player that way makes way more sense physically and gravitationally.  But it can be harder, I tend to do slightly better in "tap" mode

Thank you very much for playing our game, we' re glad you enjoyed it :)

When it comes to things like difficulty, our programmer has the sick habit of torturing players, so sorry about that :P

Thank you very much! We are glad you liked it! 😊

It seems like this game wasn't made for this jam, but regardless, it is very good! With the exception of some small bugs here and there it is a complete experience. Well done!

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Even though it needed more to be complete, this is a nice game. Keep up the good work!

helloo!! you can upgrade some things from the "upgrade" tab in the main menu. That's why you begin with a slow action of the spaceship.

Thanks for taking the time to play and leave feedback! :)

Let us know if there's anything else that you want to discuss about the game. 

Laughed my heart out! I truly believe it captured the essence of the theme. My only suggestion would be to have the option to continue at the level you left off. The voice acting was a great addition too, it really made the game to go from just a funny concept to a game where you literally laugh out loud while you're playing. Great job!

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Great, great game! Very nice gameplay, visuals and music! Got really sucked into it and played many many rounds! Amazing work!

Liked the dialogues, the gameplay and the story. I'd like it to have better visuals and some audio though. All in all, great work!

Nice game, I could easily see it expand into something bigger! I would only suggest that you put some background music and as others said different sfx for hitting allies and enemies (I think that even a separate hitting sound would be good). All in all very fun and great visuals! Good job!

Very fun, laughed my heart out! Great work!

Great job, keep it up!

I also get this error and I'd really like to check out your game.

Please tell us when it is fixed :)

Very smart concept, and the visuals are really good. Great job!

The idea behind it was to create a mobile app that would be whole, (a ready to be released app) . Although, you can play the game regardless the ads. Watching an ad just allows you to continue a specific run! We hope you enjoy the game , and thank you for taking the time to try it and sending us your feedback. 

We only have a link to Google play store actually. Because we implemented things like leaderboard and achievements we thought it would be a more complete experience if you downloaded straight from the store. Sorry if this causes any inconvenience :)

man I love it!! just consider adding an option to change the volume of the sfx/music separately. Even though they were fine from my speakers while I put my headphones on my ears hurt from the sfx :P

But the game is overall really great.

P.S. I love your humor !! Cheers!

yeah sure!! I'll let u know as soon as i test it! thank u very much :)

really funny and cool little game! the design is wonderful!

hey!! is it too much to ask for a MAC build as well? I really want to check this game :O!!

Oh no I actually liked that this level was more challenging.

As you can understand from my game I love rage games :P

Thank you very much!

Your submission was very good as well, I enjoyed it a lot! I really struggled at a level where you have to jump on a platform that is directly above the platform you are standing.

Thank you! I'm really glad you liked it!

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Hello Everyone!

Our new game Leap of Faith is finally out!

Leap of Faith is a rage - endless runner game with 2D pixel art and music made from scratch!

You can find it on Play Store Leap of Faith (Play Store) but here is a link to our page as well Leap of Faith (

Please check it out and leave us a rating on Play Store!

Thank you for taking the time to give us feedback about the game as well as inform us about bugs you encountered. All games need extensive feedback and it takes the help of dedicated people like you in order for them to improve, we're really in your debt 🙂 The level editor is something we are definitely going to expand upon and we will of course take into consideration all the problems you encountered as well as implement a way to save your creations and share them right away with everyone else that plays the game. Also, if you' re up for it, we would very much like to add the level you created to the game as well.


We would be more than happy if you wanted to try our little 
puzzle game called "HiVeMiND" 

Here's a link:

Take care :D 


Just played your game! It was in fact a similar idea, yours seems kind of trickier though! really good game!! I would love to hear some Sound as well ! 

We're glad you enjoyed it! Hehe... I guess. we forgot this little detail..
we should fix it in a future update.. he he ... :P

Liked the game! It was kind of difficult to use the shirken. But the game was overall really good! 
(cool SFX and Art as well!) 

Take a look at our if you like! 

Really nice (creepy) aesthetic  you did there! Definitely,  the game needs more time , but overall its' a beautiful experience. !! Check Ours if you like!