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How do I get the male preg scene?


hey :))

First, you have to make sure his pride and psyche is around 51 to 100

Second, anal sex the prince 2 or 3 time (the first time player had sex with the prince, he only spank. The monster needs to ram his cock in the prince’’s ass 

Third, spam water or food to the drink. Let he says Fuck off around 4 times

I did that and nothing works.  How can I raise is pride and psyche up?

You can't. Did you choose jump to the end of the sim? If you play from start or from Beginning of the sim, his pride and Psyche start at 100. Then you do anal sex with him 2 or 3 times, and spam him water

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😈It worked!😈


What about weight gain from High food and water?