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Awww... U poor thing....

Whats the name of that song that we hear when we have sex with Spencer?

Will that Dragon that was shy, be a romantic option?

I think he's hot... I'd suck him dry.... mmmmm

Do patrons get Pictures from sex scenes and kissing scenes?

Not sure

I really don't know tbh

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All I can say is save before the 1st choice ,  get a sheet of paper and a pen Write down each option u have and keep trying over and over.  Combine each option over and over till u get it.

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I've been thinking alot, and wondering(No, Believing), that there is probably an alternate reality where humans and creatures live together like this... I am one to believe in reincarnation and alternate realities..

 I believe that somewhere in some reality humans and animals are like they are in this game.....

But I can only dream of that for now...

Maybe when I died and reincarnate... I'll be born in a world like that..(Yes I sound crazy, but can't I atleast dream that it's true? I bet everyone here who plays this would love to live in a world where humans and animals lived side by side, walked on 2 legs, and spoke the same language...) I myself would love nothing more than that to come true....

What if there are aliens that look like animals, and they live on planets far away, and one day humans make an alliance with them and live with them?

Actually I've wondered about the backstory/lore of this game too.... πŸ€”

Same here!

I do wish it were true... Maybe... parts of this are true...(Maybe not the abduction part, but Canine aliens, Feline aliens, what was meantioned about parent planets and such...)

I do truly believe there are aliens that are similar to those from this visual novel...

Like I said earlier.... I hope EchoProject actually listens to our ideas and possibly implements them into the game in a future update....

I think this game needs more options and choices for the mc to make anyways.... I should totally have several different endings.... Yes it would mean completely revamping the game and rewriting it with options... But it would totally be worth it!

U must be truly evil and soulless if that's how u would treat Amicus if he was real and did that to u...

I hope the creator of this game actually listens to our ideas, and actually implements them into the game....

Same here!


Poor Amicus!


I actually did cry a bit at that point...

The story in general just brings out emotions!

Could u add an option to delete saves?

I'm a bit OCD and like stuff organized... So... I accidentally made a duplicate save and it got me confused on which one I should save and load on....

Also another idea: Add a little digital clock for in game next to the calendar.... It would make it seem more realistic and toknow what time it actually is in game.  Like.. one minute its 4pm and then suddenly its 7pm... I'm like... that was quick... I wish there was a digital clock UI next to the calendar....

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Same problem.... I typed no (It wont go through , I put a space after no, it says" i don't need that") What do I do?

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I hate the beginning where u attack Amicus! ... I want an option to attack him or not to.... I'd never hurt an alien like him in a million years! Even if I was kidnapped... I felt awful about that part where the mc hurt him Amicus could've died!

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How ironic ur username is Leo

We would love it

Great... the king is hot

Shut up

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U have access to future updates

I really want to see more of grizz. And hope for real sex scenes, not black screens. 

Also I would like to see the option to create our own custom character(the player).

Hope to see sex and gay romance.

Add Belphegor story soon 0ls!

I'm hoping for men to be added for us bisexual guys here.

What about weight gain from High food and water?

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😈It worked!😈

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Let his belly grow from eating too much, like at 250 food and/or water make him start gaining weight... and putting on more and more as u force him to eat and drink beyond his food and hunger.

Add sex mini game where u actually have to stroke and touch one of them in special places to get them aroused and make them cum.

Dude... also please, make a separate mode where u can start off the game with or without all the fighting... I just want to date some sexy furries on a game!

U need to make these fights easier!!!

I'm pissed cus I can't get past the fight with the lion and the bear when helping Gear!

We all keep dying!

I just wanna get past this so I can romance the guys!

why isn't it in English???