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NEW community · Posted in Beta

I found a another bug.  It the falling off.  Where is the Greeting room?

NEW community · Created a new topic How

How do I beat the boss of zone 2?  She kept using Voodoo on me.

How do I solve this puzzle in zone 2?  Hint are "1 circle was simple,  2 circle was more edged. Lying in the crowd, 3 circle was next to first one, 4 circle was closest to the water. But was no such thing, 5 circle was in between the jagged foes."

NEW community · Posted in Beta

Including the Stacy Bat?

NEW community · Created a new topic Beta

I found a bug.  When ever Beta do a basic attack, it cp slowly drain.  Can you fix it?

I got the game.  Where is the translation?

What does the Mysterious Signet do? How do I get to the Lake of Purification?

Adventure High community · Created a new topic Tell Me

Please tell me it still got M/M in it?

Is there any yaoi in this game?

Any new update yet?

Is there guide for it

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And then what?  What come next?

I did that and nothing works.  How can I raise is pride and psyche up?

How do I get the male preg scene?