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Cool! That would save me a lot of time.

Roger that, I'll start jotting things down after the new version comes out. When the time comes would you want me to post here, start a new post, or PM you?

You can reply to this post or start a new one, either is fine. Thanks!

Hey there, just released the version, unfortunate the png sequence still have some problems with the alpha, but it would be a few days until i manage to fix it, so for now there is this beta release.

Cool! I'll download it and give it a try this weekend

Ok sorry I'm a little late, but I've got some feedback!  

Alright so here goes:


-GUI translucency-- when applying shapes (such as eyes) it's hard to place the lines in the correct area because the white circles block the view.  Would there be a way to make them more transparent, so we could see the photo underneath easier for lining up?

-Select photo-- I believe someone has suggested this earlier, but better navigation for photos would be a big help (either drag and drop or seeing thumbnails in the explorer)


-When navigating looking for photos, using mouse wheel both scrolls through the list and zooms in/out the background

-PNG export progress-- I realize it's in beta but it looks promising!  Right now it seems to be making both the background and the photo/character itself translucent. 

As I think of/find more I'll let you know!

Thanks for the feedback, this really help me a lot.

  • -GUI translucency: Definitely can, will try to make something to help to look under the lines.
  • -Select photo: Yes, it been suggested, i was trying to make ctrl+c/ctrl+v but it involve a lot more work than it look like. Right now i am trying to use a better file selector.
  • Photos Scroll: Noted. Will try to fix it, thanks!
  • PNG export: Yep, the alpha is glitched, will fix it in the next release.

Please keep the feedback coming, thanks!

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I apologize if it's already available, but I can't seem to find it-- is there a menu for customizing the particles and the overlays? (i.e. size, speed, opacity, etc).  If there isn't one I'd like to add it to the suggestion list ^_^

Not yet. It is easy to add this to the particles, so i can add it on the next update.

For the overlay, i can give it a try for customization, but no promises.

Next version should appear this week, with the png bug fixed and hopeful a new image selector.