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Hello, can your assets be used in physical games? I.e. board games and card games?

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Hello, can this be used in physical games? (Such as a card game or board game?)

These are very cool! What is your license? Is it ok for commercial products? Can they be used in physical games (ie a card or board game)?

That's ok! I just downloaded the trial for MZ so I can try out your plugin :)

This looks amazing! Is there any chance you would make this for RPG Maker MV?

Pic2Jelly community · Created a new topic Project Dead?


It's been a while since you've posted anything-- is this project still being worked on?  You have a very promising product here and I'd love to see it developed further!  Are you still planning on releasing on steam?

Any chance of this being made for MV as well?

Let me start by saying this is an amazing plugin, thank you for making it!

I think I saw that some additional features are available for the MZ version. Is there any chance you'll be adding them to the MV version as well?

Definitely, going on steam would get you more attention and sales!  I'm all for it as long as we don't lose updates through here :)

 (though if the free steam keys workout that would be awesome)

Yup, you're right, it was an issue on my end. Tried it again and it worked. I'll give it a spin asap. Thanks!

I'm excited to try the latest version! Unfortunately I can't get either the 86x or 64x to work because when I unzip them I get errors like this

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I apologize if it's already available, but I can't seem to find it-- is there a menu for customizing the particles and the overlays? (i.e. size, speed, opacity, etc).  If there isn't one I'd like to add it to the suggestion list ^_^

Ok sorry I'm a little late, but I've got some feedback!  

Alright so here goes:


-GUI translucency-- when applying shapes (such as eyes) it's hard to place the lines in the correct area because the white circles block the view.  Would there be a way to make them more transparent, so we could see the photo underneath easier for lining up?

-Select photo-- I believe someone has suggested this earlier, but better navigation for photos would be a big help (either drag and drop or seeing thumbnails in the explorer)


-When navigating looking for photos, using mouse wheel both scrolls through the list and zooms in/out the background

-PNG export progress-- I realize it's in beta but it looks promising!  Right now it seems to be making both the background and the photo/character itself translucent. 

As I think of/find more I'll let you know!

Cool! I'll download it and give it a try this weekend

Cool! That would save me a lot of time.

Roger that, I'll start jotting things down after the new version comes out. When the time comes would you want me to post here, start a new post, or PM you?

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Cool! I'm glad its still ongoing! I think the Tyranobuilder/Renpy community would love this product, being on steam would be awesome as well.

Hmm maybe mp4 doesn't support transparency.  I just know that trying to do it frame by frame with a gif is tedious as heck!

A png sequence could work!

My goal is to use gifs/clips of looped poses for each emotion for my character's instead of stale 2d images. The transparency would let me use the same emotions no matter the scene.


Edit: for what it's worth I just bought it! Let me know if you ever need feedback :P

Pic2Jelly community · Created a new topic Status of project

Hello! I'm very excited about this project and will probably get it soon as it will be perfect for my visual novel idea.

I was just wondering how active you still are on this project? I think this program should be getting much more attention from people than it is!

Also, can the gifs/mp4s be exported with transparent backgrounds?

I look forward to hearing from you, thanks!