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I just finished the game and... I might need some time to process it fully. It was amazing. Not just the art, the atmosphere and the music, but also the plot and premise and characters and all the choices and different personalities the MC can have, and just... Oh my god, the feels. I got the "Do androids dream...?" ending, and it was just... perfect, for my lack of any better words to explain it. As a huge D:BH fan, and a general lover of Sci-fi, ethics and technology, I find this game absolutely fascinating; Silas appears first as a regular android, but as the story unfolds, the player and the MC can see that he is more than that- and perhaps, he is more human than most other humans. It also puts before the player a choice: "decide who you are- an obedient machine... or a living being, endowed with free will?" (a quote from Detroit: Become Human)

in summery, this game is amazing. Short, yet feels like a long journey full of everything. 5/5.