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Doo Doa Doo WAP doa doo.

Man, if there is one thing I say over and over to almost everyone on itch, add sound to your games. You had sound, but it was a monkey paw wish. Please, make your music loop longer. I had to mute the game because it was driving me nuts.

That being said, the other sfx where really nice, the animation on the players was simple and clean. And they all felt different to play, it looks nice and is a good display of concept. This should be developed more giving each of the players a wider role to play.

I am not a musician, but I am learning >.<

I took another pass at the music, I made it a little bit dynamic, so hopefully it won't get too repetitive.

Thanks for playing regardless!

I know I went heavy on the music on the feedback but the rest of the game was really good.