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Thanks.  I got it to run :) I can't do anything once Johnny Cash starts playing. I assume I'm supposed to move around after? I just see this blue icon and a building nearby. I'm really curious to see where this goes.

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Did you try using the arrow keys or WASD? So far I've only tried the game on my pc and android so this feedback is great for me!

also here are the controls in case you missed it. I'm working on adding it into the game in a later version:


Movement - Arrow Keys / WASD 

Action - E 

Skip Text - Left mouse button / Space

I'm glad it's helpful :) I tried again and WASD/arrows didn't work so I finally tried the arrows under the "Num lock" and that worked. Now I can use the standard controls as well for movement. I'm not sure why that fixes it but I'm glad it's working.

Anyway, I look forward to playing more. The visuals are really good. I like the green lighting on the bad guy in the first scene. 

Thanks! Glad you liked it :). The next update is already in the works, I'll release it once ive added a decent chunk of story from the next chapter and a few new features. Thanks for the feedback!


I just realized the character was off screen so I just had to press left to have him come on screen. There was no glitch. I finally had time to play it all the way through and realized that.  Looking forward to the new update! The story is getting really good.