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I really like this setup. I found myself really trying to figure out the management aspect and was much more deeply invested than I expected for a demo. Good job.

You can feel your passion for this game in your writing :) Looking forward to seeing this develop.

Impressed with what I've seen so far. Plenty of interesting choices and I really enjoy the color palate and style.

No issues at all. It played perfectly! 

My boyfriend did ask if Keanu from Speed might ever show up. It's entirely possible I missed him if so. It's our favorite role of his.

Fun game :) I was always surprised and really enjoyed the journey.

I can only get audio while trying to run it in Chrome. Any advice?

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That was amazing. I expected a fun little ordering sim. Was I surprised lol. Great job! I'll be watching for your next projects.

It's a combination of the characters being memorable, the writing and especially the amount of choices I think that really makes it stand out. I play a lot of visual novels and I keep finding myself thinking "Yearning did it better..."

I haven't played in a while and still keep thinking of this game, so that says a lot about its quality. Oddly, Dan(the guy I initially ignored on my first playthrough) comes to mind the most when I think about the game. His writing was especially memorable and well done.

Anyway, I think I'll give Jame's route one more try. That is one elusive man. I just wanted to post this since I keep comparing games I play to it. Thanks for that, lol.

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It's working perfectly now. That was fun :) I liked the movie references.

Hey, it's coming up with an error message when you try to load it. 

Already really looking forward to this. I love the idea of adding vegan lifestyle options as I'm vegan and that would be a really nice extra detail. 

I just finished the game and am really impressed. Everything was so professionally done(the music and visuals). The length was perfect and felt like a really engaging movie. 

I also loved the amount of choices. There were so many and I really had to think about what way I needed to speak to each individual person. That's rare in a visual novel as you typically don't feel it even matters, but I felt I needed to approach every situation differently here. 

I've always been really interested in King Henry and it was pretty cool to get to play through the experience. 

Is this on steam? It really should be if it isn't. It deserves a ton more exposure.