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We all know that scrap isn't the most used resource in the game,so heres my idea:
Spikes would allow your raft to stay safe from the shark in a 1 block radius around the spike,and spikes could be placed on walls,making a cool looking epic viking-like raft with deadly spikes covered in blood.This could be used for afk item/potato farming (which in this game you should encourage as the entire game depends on gaining these resources).These spikes could be made from scrap.We also need a renewable way of farming scrap,which could be...eh...i dunno you'll think of it.

-Have a good one.

whys the shark eating your wood raft any way? also for farming metal mabe abandoned boats you can scrap ? i mean all the parts that float passed must be coming from some were right? ..... just ignore there floating its very heavy water thats why you can make a 2x99999999x2 raft and it doesn't sink. finally found out why :D also gun parts from abandoned boats? and uncraftable tools?i know i spelt thta wrong idk how to fix it though Xb